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If you'd like to see the volcanoes of the Big Island from above, a great tour company to go up with is Iolani Air. Iolani Air just takes small groups of four to seven passengers on their single engine high wing Cessna aircraft. After having taken numerous helicopter flights over this area in past years I was amazed and a little bit "taken back" by how much I was able to see on one of these wing over head "fixed wing" aircraft. There was nothing kept from view and it was great to interact back and forth with the pilot to get answers to questions about what we were seeing. The Crater of Halemaumau was covered in clouds that particular day but we made up for it by extensive and repetitive over-flights of Pu'u O'o vent and all the lava tube tributaries working their fiery way down to the sea. When the lava hit the sea the smoke and steam was absolutely the whitest white possible and a real spectacle to have witnessed. The pricing on Iolani Air for this tour is very reasonable and could be a consideration for anyone thinking about taking a flight over the volcano.

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