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Eileen Weed
Great experience! I am a little afraid of heights but wanted to get out of mybox and face my fears. The check-in process was smooth, we were taken out in ashuttle then got on the actual Parasailing boat. It was somewhat windy and sofor our safety, we had to fly tandem. Everything was explained to us well. I wasput with a guy who also came alone but it was actually good because havingcompany up there distracted me from being terrified! It was quiet and less windyup at 1,200 feet, though a little scary looking down. It was also odd having theharness under our thighs instead of our butt but they said it makes it morecomfortable that way. I purchased the photo packet on an SD card (photos only,no video) for $30 and a shirt for $20. We were also encouraged to leave a tip.The photos were great but one suggestion would be to try and get part of theboat in the pic too, so there is a perspective on how high up it was. We alsohad a fun dip of our feet in the ocean when first going up. All in all a greatexperience and I recommend it!