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Kevin Ryan
Excellent and professional.

Cathryn Pennington
Overall it was fine. I appreciated the pilot's making it a scenic flight. Would have appreciated more info regarding flight times (we had no idea we had to change planes in Molokai, etc) felt info we were given was minimal. Tour of Kalaupapa was fine, a little disappointed how restricted we were while there, my expectations were higher based on visiting other National Parks. Very scenic and beautiful. Overall, fine, but felt it could have been a lot better.

Robert Brainard
Terrific very informative and flights were great taking into consideration my wife's fear of flying. Tour guide was great only draw back was we were told we missed some of the tour due to the late mule riders joining and leaving the tour.

Elizabeth Bush
We enjoyed our visit to Kalaupapa last week. We feel very fortunate to have had this opportunity to visit Kalaupapa. It was very beautiful and informative. I wish we had been able to hear, in person or a recording, first hand experience from one of the residents. An itinerary would have been helpful to know the plan was to fly from Maui to topside then to Klaupapa on another plane. We were not even told by the pilot so we were wondering what now and had to find someone to direct us. During our island tour our guide, Norman, told us on our return trip we would have the opportunity to fly in the valley with some beautiful waterfalls and see where the first lepers came. This was mentioned at least 2 or 3 times. When we returned to the airport our scheduled pilot to take us topside said there was a mix up on weight so another plane would come and get the four of us but not to worry he (Nick) would take us on that scenic flight on the way back to see the waterfalls. He took a few people topside and as we watched them fly off they took that said scenic flight. About an hour later we are still waiting at the airport for "Nick" and the first pilot returned with luggage for another party. He again reassured us Nick is on his way and again stated he would take us down that valley to see the waterfalls. Nick arrived a few minutes later and we boarded. He already had a 3 other passengers. My husband made a comment about the promise of the scenic flight and Nick smiled it what seemed like acknowledgement. The plane took off and we went the same flight path back to Maui (they had told us we would not be changing planes topside but going directly to Maui). To say the four of us were disappointed is an understatement. I had read the reviews about the return trip and people had mentioned seeing the waterfalls. Norman and the first pilot had really talked it up so we were really looking forward to the sites. I was looking forward to seeing the Kalaupapa Crater from above and the Valley in which the lepers came was part of the experience. Would I recommend this...absolutely but I would definitely give them a warning of what to expect and to be proactive about that scenic flight with the pilot himself before taking off.

Clair Rogers
Great tour. Great tour guide. The tour gave a real sense of the culture and residents.
An in depth history of the colony, as well as many details were shared.

Karen Giacomini
This was a wonderfull experience! My Sister and I came away feeling spriritually refresshed. Our guide was terrific, wish I could remember his name. He had a beautiful singing voice and was a Shamen. He added to the whole experience and we felt like the trip was worth every dollar it cost!

Penny Floyd
This tour was one of the best things I did in Hawaii. I would recommend it to anyone interested in history, medicine and spirituality.
One special moment was when our tour guide sang in the church. He has a magnificent voice and could be a professional singer. We also heard from a nun, a priest and a former patient.
Molokai itself is a beautiful place. The dramatic cliffs, which rise out of the water along the Kalaupapa Peninsula, are quite stunning.
I almost did not go on the tour - it involves four separate short flights on small planes and I was concerned about safety. Our pilot, Ricky, was very professional and reassuring, so I decided to go.
I am so glad I went on the tour. It gave me a unique insight into life at Kalaupapa.

sharron rudell
This was a great trip and a very rewarding experience. Thank you for facilitating it for me.

Mike Schneider
Great Tour, highlight of our trip to Maui. flew into Molokai on one plane and a very short trip from topside on Molokai to the peninsula. A beautiful place, very spiritual with St. Damien's church and history. Only downside, wasn't a lot of communication at the airport as to what was happening when (ie. when we were returning, when leaving the second airport, etc)...

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