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There have been 5 reviews written about the with .

Average Product Rating: 5.0 / 5

Nimel Haywood
Super......the boat was super super clean and the lunch was wonderful and freshly made

Libby Hollombe
Wonderful trip with very attentive staff.

Amy Falco
The Hula Girl was awesome! We loved our trip and the crew was amazing. I would highly recommend

Sue Shollenbarger
Pampered by an exceptional crew...fabulous day snorkeling in Honoloa Bay...lots of different fish and turtles...delicious lunch...great family atmosphere!

Jessica Stephenson
I've been on several snorkeling trips over the years, but this was the best. The staff was friendly and helpful, the boat wasn't too crowded, the food was amazing, and there were plenty of shaded and sunny areas to sit- depending on your preference. The snorkeling gear was of good quality and easy to find a great fit. It is a more expensive tour, but you get what you pay for. I recommend this for people who want a little more luxurious excursion that the other tours that throw you a deli sandwich and you sit on deck in the hot sun all day. That being said, if you are a family on a budget, the other tours are also fun and you can save the money for frills that young kids won't miss (like food cooked to order and a full bar).