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Dinner and Show - Feast at Lele

Tour Highlights:
  • A celebration of fine Polynesian cuisine
  • Situated along the beach in historic Lahaina town
  • Panoramic view of West Maui sunsets
  • Fresh flower lei and a mai tai greeting
  • Sit down, five course dinner
  • Cuisine of Aotearoa, Tahiti, Samoa, and HawaiÊ»i
  • Each course accompanied by Polynesian dance & music from "that" island
  • Premium open bar
  • Romantic atmosphere
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An incredible sit down, five course dinner featuring the cuisine of Hawaii, Aotearoa, New Zealand, Tahiti and Samoa with dessert as well as a premium open bar. Situated along the beach in historic Lahaina town, guests are greeted with a fresh flower lei and a Mai Tai. You're off to a great start next up each course is accompanied by dramatic Polynesian entertainment from "that" island. Delight in the modern interpretations of traditional songs, dance and cuisine of these Pacific islands. It's incredible to see the difference in the dancers full island dress when they represent each island. Hawaii, New Zealand, Tahiti and Samoa are all tropical paradises that each have unique qualities. Dine drink and be entertained at this beachside luau. For guests needing assistance with a wheelchair or walker please inform agent at time of reservation so that you can be properly accommodated.
Operates: Daily seating at sunset. February - April and September 6:00 pm, October - January 5:30 pm and May - August 6:30 pm. At the time of booking agent will re-confirm for you the start time for date you are reserving.
Departure Point: Meet at the beach location ocean side at 505 Front Street in Lahaina (2 blocks South of Lahaina Harbor).
Duration: 3 hours, show end time is 3 hours after respective seasonal start times.
Equipment: Hawaiian imu (Hawaiian oven).
Capacity: 300 guests. Tables are reserved for number of guests in party with a maximum of 12 per table.
Menu Prepared by Chef Adrian Aina


Bananas, taro and sweet potato chips served with a tropical ginger and ogo seaweed salsa.
Course I - Hawaii

Kalua Pua'a - traditionally cooked - slow-roasted in an imu "underground oven". Sides include Pohole Fern Shoots, Lomi Lomi Salmon with a Kalo Puree, Sous vide cooked Salmon w/ pickled onions, green onions, island tomato & Hawaiian black sea salt and Hawaiian Chef's special.
Course II Aotearoa-New Zealand

Miti Hangi - Braised (5 hours) Short Ribs in a kiwi fruit soy ajus. Sides include Harore Kumara - Medley of stewed mushrooms over baked orange and purple sweet potato
and an Aotearoa Chef's special.
Course III Tahiti

Moa - Grilled mango ginger Chicken with a Tahitian vanilla aioli and mango relish,
E-iaota (Poisson Cru) - Fresh island diced fish and vegetable marinated in coconut milk and lime juice and a Tahitian Chef's special.
Course IV Samoa

Palusami - Braised coconut cream corned beef with baked ulu wrapped in young taro leaf, I'a - Freshly seared island fish served with a locally grown lime leaf sauce and a Samoa Chef's special.
Course V Dessert

Hibiscus Velvet Cake, Chocolate flour-less cake, Haupia whipped cream, Coconut mac nut caramel, Island fresh fruit garnish and Mango sauce.

Selection of Tropical Juices, Sodas, Maui Grown Coffee, Tropical Iced and Hot Teas.
Note: Chef Special's are not listed as they change daily.

Inclusions: Fresh flower lei and Mai Tai greeting, full open bar throughout evening, and a sit down 5 course dinner.

Restrictions: Times vary seasonally, confirm time with agent when reserving. Re-confirm time with vendor 24 hours prior. Substitution on food items may be made due to seasonal availability. Fish selections change daily depending on what is caught that day. This tour has a 48 hour cancellation policy. This means that once you're within 48 hours of the start time, the tour is non refundable. If you choose to cancel before this time, the standard 3% cancellation fee will apply. If the vendor needs to cancel your tour because of weather, a mechanical issue or any other reason you will receive a 100% refund of the price you paid.

ADA Restrictions:
Wheelchairs and Walkers are available but vendor restrictions will need to be confirmed on a case by case basis. Often wheelchairs need to be left behind and guests must be able to maneuver transfers to the aircraft. Guests will be advised if they must have others in their party to assist them in order to participate. Agent will assist you at the time of booking.
Pride of America Cruise Ship: The Feast at Lele Luau will not pick you up directly at the cruise ship pier but you can reach this luau with a taxi or Tom Barefoot's Tours can arrange for a rent-a-car shuttle to pick you up at the cruise dock. This Maui luau is available on the Sunday evening of your cruise ship schedule.

There have been 84 reviews written about the Dinner and Show with Feast At Lele.

Average Product Rating: 4.6 / 5

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Laura Limon
Good Morning Lori,
Just a note to thank you. We had no problems, everything went according to plan. And thank you for recommending the Feast at Lele. It was one of the highlights of our trip. Food was delicious!

Marlys Rocha
Aloha Lori,
Just wanted you to know that my daughter and I had a fantastic time. The Feast at Lele was fabulous and I would definitely do that one again. Every thing was wonderful. Thanks for all your help in setting things up for us.


Raymond Stephens
Good show, nice individual tables and great service. The show is right next to the beach with the sunset behind the dancers. My wife and I went for our anniversary and had a great time.

Linda Gilliland
Great show, lots of food, friendly service. Highly recommend.

Rob Edgell
Service and food were good area currently under construction 1/3 of the tables and chairs were set up on the sand we got a table for three in the sand and one of us had their back to the show. Chairs sank on the sand sideways. Less dance and singing entertainment than other Luau's. We consider this off our list of things to do again!

aldo veranzo
Awesome Experience! Highly recommend it.

Joanne Lighton
Very enjoyable dinner and show - the history of Hawaii came alive at the Feast. Beautiful dances and music, excellent food and drink. Another good recommendation.

Matt Recio
We had previously been to a larger luau on Oahu several years ago. The Feast at Lele was much more intimate and the food was much better too. Great show with live musicians and talented dancers. Would definitely recommend.

Jeffrey Beazizo
It was a awesome experience for the family. We enjoyed the beach front and food.

Kristy Becker
The drinks are amazing, the setting is beautiful, the dance is entertaining. The food wasn't quite as good as I wanted it to be, but it was still a pleasure to try so many new and different flavors and textures.

Diane Kalina
We absolutely loved this luau! The food was outstanding and the show was awesome. We have been to many luaus and this one was the best. I liked the idea of a sit down dinner much better. We had six in our party and we all loved it.

Yvonne Angel Barron
Our overall experience was wonderful! The food was great and ambiance as well! Will definitely recommend to our friends and family!

Eziwoma Alibo
Booking through Tom's Barefoot was really easy and even better the event was so great. Lots of fun and delicious food. Definitely a Fete to attend.

Frederic Laban
Smiles, welcome, perfect food and drinks, professionalism, beautiful site and great show, sun set... perfect demonstration of Aloha spirit!



David Spruzen
A bit touristy but well done. Food was good. Drinks service was fairly slow (especially for non-alcoholic drinks). The setting was sensational.

George Keller
Love the show and the whole venue. Here you sitting at a table a few feet from the water. As you watch the sun set a waitress in her Hawaiian dress takes the order for the drink of you choice. Order the Mai Tai. It's the best. Then, here comes the show right off the beach. Sit back and enjoy the show. It's the best. After watching the dancers there is break. Now we get to have the feast. This was our second show. The shows keep getting better.

Kimberly Foor
My family really enjoyed the luau. We ate great food and enjoyed excellent entertainment.

Ramona Hayes
This Luau is very nice and well done

Debra Tarnava
Great experience! Highly recommend this feast. Food was amazing and the beverages just kept coming. Wine pairing with each course was a nice touch. Service was second to none, great atmosphere and perfect setting. Would def do it all over again!

Kris Youngman
I was a loan so I thought I would be set the table with others instead I was set at my own table facing a pole. The dancing was beautiful but I wasn't fond of the food.

Mary Barrett
The feast was fantastic! The service and timing of food delivery was outstanding. The show was also amazing! I am a bit dissapointed that they did not honor the Birthday celebration I requested on a couple occasions. They said I needed to call and make the request 24 hrs in advance.

Stefanie Halcomb
I enjoyed the dancing at the Feast at Lele, but I would rather had more music and dancing involved, just when you were getting into it, they were done. The price was a bit high. The food was very fancy, and plenty of it, but I would rather have more entertainment and less food. I did like that it wasn't a buffet. It got a bit chilly, and we had some rainy times, so some patio heaters may have been a nice touch. It was nice, but I wouldn't do it again. We paid a good deal of money, and then had to pay 20% gratuity on top of that, so it didn't really feel worth what we paid for.

Barry Johnson
Great experience. Really enjoyed format pairing culture and cuisine from 4 regions of Polynesia. Smaller size of audience allows everyone to get more intimate exposure to performances.

Amillia Pearce
Feast at Lele was awesome! Great atmosphere, having our own table was unexpected and very nice, food was very delicious and entertainment was so good. Excellent customer service, I highly recommend this for a great date night.

Kevin Pearce
Fantastic! We had a great time. The table service was a great alternative to typical luau buffets. The food was incredible. The staff and wait service was awesome. And of course the show, performance and performers were awesome. Great location and views on the beach too. We'll be back for sure.

joseph prescott
When i was talking with Marsee, she heard that we had attended old lahaina luau when we were on maui in 2004, so she suggested that we try feast at lele for something a little different. we took her advice & booked it - proved to be another winner. i can't say enough good about marsee & feast at lele. marsee took the time to listen to what i was saying, & even sought out more conversation with me to learn what our interests were, & then she made excellent suggestions. feast at lele was only 1 of many great ideas that she presented us with. the food was awesome & the service was equal to the food. the show was indeed enough different from old lahaina luau it didn't feel at all like we had 'done that'. if you haven't done either, you can't go wrong either way. but for us, i'm glad we attended feast at lele.

Richard Castaniero
The Feast at Lele was an average evening in terms of entertainment. The performance was good. But the show felt a too long. This was couple with long waits for average tasting food.

Gerald Sowers
The Food was delicious, Entertainment Outstanding, and Service was Fantastic. We highly recommend the Feast At Le Le. Private table/we owned that place...thanks!!!

Daniel Nangah
The feast of lele was absolutely the best choice. My wife picked that luau and did she pick right. The food, the servers, the show and history was very refreshing and enjoyable. It kept my 12 and 9 years old glued to it and they actually did follow the different cultures presented. We sure will recommend this to other people as even some old timers said the show has evolved for the best and sure will only get better.

The only issue I can point even though it wasn't a concern for us was the food quantity. It's in the small side for big eaters. I know it's a treat of the Hawaiian culture but a parent with three teenage boys will be left hungry. The food was delicious and a bit more would be excellent.

Sandra Lotz
Great experience.. Great food and beverages always offered

Dale Robinson
excellent experience

Tracy Allen
We thought the luau was fabulous!! The food was delicious (my favorite were the scallops) and we loved the drink pairings. Our servers Robert and Larisa were amazing and provided excellent service. We felt valued and the atmosphere was energizing and relaxing. We would whole heartedly recommend this experience to anyone!

Rose Mary Volbrecht
The evening was lovely. We enjoyed the pace of the evening, pairing dinner courses with different regions of Polynesia. The food was good, the entertainment was excellent, and the service was superb.

Joanne Parsons
By far the best luau in Hawaii! The food, entertainment and guest service was top notch. Even our friends who had been to other luaus in the past said"this is by far the best! For course dinner, unlimited drinks, wonderful entertainment and a beautiful setting at the beach.

Douglas Young
Outstanding! the food was great and we were front and center.

Kendra Golden
The show was great, and I liked that the food was varied. Nice selection. The only thing I would say is that it's a tad hard to find. But once you do, fantastic setting and great entertainment.Oh, and warn people that the road to Lahaina is bumper to bumper traffic. Leave enough time!

Alissa Taylor
Best money sorentos, you can't go to Hawaii without attending a luau and the feast at LeLe was perfect. It was a personable relaxed atmosphere. The food was amazing and the show was unlike any other I've ever seen. I was nervous about the price, but it was well worth it.

Maria Eckart
The food, ambiance & show were fantastic! The service was great! The only comment I would make would be is that the fire knife dance at the end, although spectacular, is not very visible to everyone because it is not performed on stage. For those in the very back or off to the sides, they miss a great deal of that final performance.

Michael Dougherty
The Feast at Le Le was fabulous! Interesting food and fantastic entertainment. Wow!

Will Dobler
Excellent!! It was a fantastic show, and the service was superb. We really liked that it was not a buffet, and the food was delicious.

Saira Dias
The Feast at Lele was absolutely beautiful!! we were greeted with a warm, friendly smile, given a ticket to our table, escorted to get our first drink and were there just in time to see a beautiful sunset. We encountered many staff members that evening, and each of them were friendly, helpful and warm - the ONLY person who wasn't was our lei greeter. She literally dumped the lei around our neck and herded us along! It was quite obviously awkward!! Other than that, the location, the singers, performers, and servers were all absolutely amazing!! We really enjoyed being able to experience food from each of the islands as well... Even though some items weren't our favourites, it was still wonderful to be able to try it!! I would definitely recommend this tour to others. The only feedback i would give for your future customers is give them an earlier check in time. We were told to check in at 6:30pm, which we did, but by the time we arrived, most others were already seated, and they were no longer taking photos as guests arrived. I was SOO disappointed because later on we saw so many people buying their beautiful family photos with the sunset in the background and we never got one. We actually never ended up being able to gey any photos of all 6 of us because the show started and it was dark. So i would recommend telling people to check in between 6 - 6:15pm.

Sally Daragon
Thank you for the recommendation to the Feast of Lele. It was fabulous. The food experience was memorable and the entertainment was excellent. We were very please and difinately recommend the experience

Chris Peck
My wife and I had an amazing time at the Feast At Lele! The staff was inviting, professional and fun! The performers were amazing. We loved the professional photos as well as the wood carvings available. The pace of the evening was great with several intermissions. LOVED IT!

Elizabeth McCarthy
We really enjoyed the dinner and the show very much. We got to try so many different foods. Also, as a bonus, the sunset was magnificent. This was one of the highlights of our trip.

Peter DeLuca
The Feast at Lele was recommended by one of the sales associates at Tom Barefoot. I have been to one other luau. I found Lele to be excellent. The food quality is excellent - while perhaps not on the same level as a 5 star sit-down restaurant where you order off the menu, for a mass-produced production, I consider it top notch. The open bar offers anything you want, or you can order from their drink list. My wife and I found our drinks to be very flavorful and tasty, albeit slightly less strong than we would have hoped (we each had 5 drinks, and if they were ordinary strength from any bar, she would have been plastered - but she was fully with it by the end of the night and barely had a buzz). The production show was excellent. My only complaint was that the food service wasn't timed perfectly with the dance show, and we noticed some tables were served food at a very different timing compared to other tables.

james knudson
It was all great

Josie Richards
We had a fabulous time. Great good and great entertainment.

Joni Reeves
This was a very classy luau -- no cheesiness here! Food was great, the music was outstanding - really enjoyed the duo playing and singing. We enjoyed the dancers and the costumes -- the fire dancer at the end was exciting. With the exception of the fire dancing, however, the energy level was really low. The mistress of ceremonies was just a little too soft-spoken and remote. Would have liked to have a little levity or higher energy at other times throughout the night. If you are interested in the ritual around the imu - this is not the luau for you.

Jane Silver
Excellent! Amazing! Well worth the money!

Micah Pazoureck
Our group of eight (ranging from 5 to 70 years old) really enjoyed the Show and Feast! The food was fantastic, we enjoyed all of the different courses and the Mai Tai's were delicious! The show was wonderful, the costumes, dancing, everything was great. My mother-in-law really enjoyed our waiter Miguel!

Paula Luther
Thank you for recommending Feast at Lele. We had a great time. Our seats were fantastic and check in was a breeze. This is such a fun show and the best fire dancer you will ever see at the end.

Helen Robins
Thanks Trish for suggesting Feast of LELE as the luau of choice. It was absolutely wonderful! We enjoyed the entertainment and being a "foodie" I must say that the food was outstanding in taste and presentation. This was truly one of the highlights of our trip and we would certainly do it again. MAHALO :)

Deb Callins
Awesome show, food and service. Our family had a wonderful time and our servers were top notch.

Tammy Distifeno
We have always gone to the Old Lahaina Lua but this one beat it hands down! If your a foody then this is the way to go! Excellent service and show.

Gary Ginn
We were very happy with the overall experience. The staff was friendly and helpful.

Mahalo nui loa Kai. We had a wonderful evening. Everything was excellent and we are so happy Kai recommended this luau.

Carrie Norton
This was a fantastic show and dinner. Drinks were also very nice. Service was fast and friendly. Would highly recommend.

Pamela Oldfield
BEST LUAU EVER!!! Thank you so much for suggesting the Feast At Lele. It was perfect! We loved having our own table and being served each course was incredible! There was lots of delicious food and was presented beautifully. We loved that each item was described in the brochure. We didn't leave a single bite because it was so good. My best friend and I loved the delicious drinks. The entertainment was great! They were all very talented. By having separate entertainment at each course you were able to thoroughly enjoy each segment. This was the perfect balance of food, entertainment, seating, and excellent service. Thank you so much for the recommendation. It was one of the highlights of our trip and we will always remember the Feast At Lele!

Claire Mukri
Kai was 100% correct when assisting me with booking out party -- we did love this luau! We had first timers and others who have experienced many other Maui luaus and we all agreed the food and entertainment were fantastic at this feast. Well worth it, great service staff too ( only the photography staff seemed underwhelming ). Aloha!

Cheryl Hallman
We had a wonderful time at Feast At Lele. There was a problem with our reservation. I must have chosen the wrong date when booking online and I didn't notice it on the confirmation. Everyone at Feast at Lele was very accommodating and got us in on the date we wanted. They were also very, very nice about it. The food was fabulous and setting on the beach was lovely. The service was also excellent.

Deidre Mitchell
Great food, impeccable service. Awesome and informative show. I highly recommend.

Debora Norz
Fabulous experience. The food, the service, the entertainment, the setting. Everything first rate! Best time I've had in years. Worth the airfare just to attend feast of lele.

Samuel Mills
This was a perfect luau. They greet you with a mai tai or choice of drink then as you walk to your seat they put a lei around your neck. Great location right next to the beach. You and your party have your own private table to enjoy the great show and good food. After the show you have the opportunity to meet and take photos with the entertainers.

Anne Wedding
When everyone in our group listed their favorite experience on this trip to Hawaii, all listed the luau Feast at Lele in the top one or two activities of the trip.
Ages range from 11 to 70.
Everyone thought it was the highlight of the trip.

Michele Shawah
The Lele luau was amazing my family and I enjoyed all of the food from the different countries. The dancing was amazing the themes changed as we moved to different countries. It was right on the beach which was amazing for pictures. My family's favorite part of the luau was the fire throwing at the end. I would definitely recommend this luau for family's and couples.

Jeanette Duschka
Everything was wonderful

Kathleen Chang
Beautiful setting and delicious foo!. The performances were great and the servers all worked so hard to make the night special for our family.

Sherry Peck
The dinner and show was amazing! I took my mother for her 80th birthday. She enjoyed every minute. The dancers were wonderful. The sunset on the beach couldn't be surpassed. Our servers were spot on the whole evening. I highly recommend this event.

Brian Stubbs
We had a great time at the feast. The drinks were fantastic and the service wonderful. My critique comes with the portions. I felt "feast" was a big of a stretch. Should be called "tapas at lele"

Carol Orphan
Food and drinks were fantastic. Show was also very good. Enjoyed the ambiance and the whole experience.

Jennifer Radtke
Toms got us excellent seats, it was a wonderful show! The process was seamless.

Roberta Tasovac
Great show, great food, great cocktails, the service was spot on. What a wonderful experience.

Josh Newma
Feast at Lele is hands down the best luau and dinner on the island! I've been to 3 other luau on my trips to the islands and this one really stands out. I'm not a fan of waiting in long lines and the way this one works is unique. You make your reservation and are assigned a table for your party, we had 8 in ours and had a table for just us. I saw other tables in varying sizes from 2 to 10, they may be able to do larger. Besides having assigned tables what really sets it apart is the food. It's not a buffet but a amazing 5 course dinner. The courses are brought out to coincide with the show, as they are talking and dancing about the different regions, the food accompanied that region, really cool. There is so much food, and it's delicious. I couldn't believe how much food there was. The show itself was very good as well. Great narration, the dancers were very good and the music was great. You wont ge disappointed with this show. Amazing!!

Rick Wecker
The dancer were perfeft. Location is awesome. Nice to experience different foods.

Lori Fehl
Not good! Way over priced. The food was just so so. The show was just okay

Janice Sandefur
We had a wonderful evening! The food and the entertainment was perfect!

Joanne Hindlet
We had a great time! The food and entertainment were fantastic. Although a bit chilly, the light rain stopped fairly early in the evening so we were able to enjoy the show to the end.

Amy Tinoco
Wonderful show !

Kim Gault
I guess you would consider this a great luau if you’d never been to one before but after attending many including Feast at Lele 10 years ago, for the price, I would never return to this particular luau. Love Sheraton’s and Royal Lahaina luaus for the price much better.

C Stewart
What a great presentation of all the different cultures, from the dances, to
their clothng and the food.  The food was outstanding.  We would
highly recommend this.  

David Mazza
Best Luau we have attended. This was our third luau that we visited over the
years and this was the best by far.

Kelli Williams
Aloha,<br />
<br />
Overall we enjoyed the dinner and show very much. &nbsp;The food was very good,
the show was wonderful, the drinks and service were plentiful. <br />
<br />
The one thing I might suggest is to provide &nbsp;more "education" about the
music and dance routines.

Angela Mined
Tom. - &nbsp;Thank you so much for recommending The Feast at LeLe. My husband
and I enjoyed the show, food, service and the sunset on the beach. We easily
walked there from our cruise ship. This luau was the highlight of our trip to
Hawaii!! &nbsp;

LeeAnne Pitts
This was our second time enjoying the Feast at Lele and it was just as wonderful
as the first time 2 years ago. The food was delicious and the variety gave us a
chance to try foods from different islands that are not included in a standard
luau. The service was great and the show was high energy and fun to watch. We
will definitely be back,

Dinner and Show - Feast at Lele

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