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Jet Boating "Insane" - Kaanapali Ocean Adventures

Tour Highlights:
  • Ride in 30' jet boat built for speed
  • Daily 10am, noon, 2pm and 4pm
  • Departure from Kaanapali Beach
  • Duration 1 hour
  • Maximum 20 pasengers
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Experience the first jet boat in Maui! Join us for a one hour jet boat thrill ride! This is a journey like no other and if you've never experienced jet boating before - you are in for a treat. 360 degree spins, sharp turns, and lighting acceleration are all part of what you can expect on this roller coaster on water which will be sure to blow you away! This thrill jet boat ride is available year round and expect to get wet! For those of you who might be concerned that this will disturb the native marine life, there's no need to worry -the jet boat is environmentally friendly. It is powered by water and has a flat bottom with no propellers, shafts, rudders or anything else that could harm marine life in any way.
Operates: Daily at 10:00 am. Noon, 2:00 and 4:00pm
Departure Point: Kaanapali Beach at Whaler's Village (between Leilani's Restaurant and the Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort).
Duration: 1 hour.
Equipment: Insane is a 30 foot, deluxe brand new custom built aluminum flat bottomed boat with twin turbo charged Yanmar diesel twin Hamilton jet drives (no props, rudders)
Capacity: Minimum of 5 passengers. Goast Guard Certified for 25 passengers but only take 32. up to 20 passengers.
Inclusions: Extreme fun.
Exclusions: No shaded areas. You can bring a small cooler with food or BYOB which will sit on the floor in the second row.
Restrictions: All passengers must sign a waiver. We do not allow people under 5 years old or people who have back injuries, recent surgeries or expectant mothers on this tour. We are not responsible for any lost or misplaced items. If it cannot get wet, do not bring on the boat. No hats or shoes are worn on the Jet Boat. Everything will get wet so bathing suits, no towel needed. Anything you want to keep dry can go into the Captain's dry bag.
This tour has a 48 hour cancellation policy. This means that once you're within 48 hours of the start time, the tour is non refundable. If you choose to cancel before this time, the standard 3% cancellation fee will apply. If the vendor needs to cancel your tour because of weather, a mechanical issue or any other reason you will receive a 100% refund of the price you paid.

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Jennifer Rostenbach
This is a must do when you visit! All of our kids loved it (ages 11-23). You will get soaked. Bring nothing but your bathing suit, waterproof camera, sunscreen, and sunglasses. They will keep track of your shoes, keys, and wallets. Really great crew and something we will do again when we cone back!!

Laura Osmanski
We had the best time!! Not only did we have fun, we learned a lot about Maui. We even saw turtles swimming. Everyone was so nice. This was great!!

pamela vee
On Thursday may 17th me and my group of friends had one of the worst experiences
of our lives. We were extremely excited to visit Maui for 5 days and we booked
the Kaanapali Ocean Adventures snorkeling excursion to start our trip off to a
great start, or so we thought.<br />
At 7:15 am we started our trip and we went to Lanai (a rocky island which nobody
goes to and is very isolated) to snorkel and have fun. Once we got there, we got
in the water and my group (party of 7 people) were sticking all together at
first. The guide that we were assigned, Robert, swam behind us and directly
looking at me he said “we can swim under this cave (a sharp rock/coral
underwater cave) but only strong swimmers can make it, there are a ton of sea
urchins in there” he was making a gesture for me to go with him so I followed.
He went first and me right after him. One of my friends followed too and so as a
domino effect my fiancé decided to come where ever I was, thinking they were
invited. But they weren’t. On the other side of the cave there was absolutely
nothing as far as wild sea life and it was about 8x8 in size and there was
violet waves shoving us around (with absolutely nothing to hang on).<br />
My fiancé, as he is a good swimmer in a pool, he did not realize that in the
ocean when the tide and wind take control there is not much he can do about it
as far as strength. He inhaled a bunch of water when he was trying to swim under
the cave and when he came up on our side he gasped for air and tried hanging
onto the side of the cave to get some oxygen since the waves where shoving us
everywhere. <br />
Robert got really upset and said “you better not make me save you, I’d be
really pissed if I’d have to save you” and took him off the side of the rock
without letting him catch his breath dragged him underwater and shoved him under
the cave. My fiancé got shoved on the top of the rock resulting on him getting
injured and scratched up his whole back as well as got hit on the head by the
rock. By the time he got out he was dizzy and couldn’t swim anymore, our
friends immediately helped him to the boat. <br />
I was in shock still inside the cave and was trying to go after him, when Robert
came back up he said “your joker boyfriend can’t swim for shit and he
doesn’t deserve to be saved, don’t ever save him, I wouldn’t”.<br />
By this point I was nearly having a panic attack and I wanted to catch my breath
before going under water to swim back out and Robert said “ Please go first,
I’ll wait for you, I love what I am seeing and I’m not complaining at
all”. I was extremely uncomfortable and by this point I realized we weren’t
safe at all leaving our lives in the hands of this guide. <br />
By the time I got to the other side, my fiancé needed help getting on the boat,
so after helping him, I go straight to my best friend to tell her what happened
and how he was acting towards me to get advice on whether I should have said
something right away or not, but I could barely finish my sentence before he
swam up from behind me and said “Man your idiot boyfriend just won’t stop
staring at you like a hawk, I better go away” and swam off. So I kept my mouth
shut for the rest of the trip since I realized this guy is out of his mind and
didn’t want him to end up “accidentally” forgetting of us behind. And he
went up to my friend and asked her “which one of these jokers is your
boyfriend?” She says none that hers was home working and he goes on to say
“great! Then are you up fr a night stand?”.<br />
By this point we were so freaked out we went back up on the boat and just sat
there hoping to leave ASAP. <br />
The day after when I told my fiancé he called the lady that sold us the
tickets, Barbie, and asked to speak to the manager or owner, she refused to get
the actual owner on the phone, because he doesn’t like “confrontation” and
decided to handle it herself. She went on and on calling us for two days
straight for more and more testimonials and kept cursing like a truck driver on
the phone for long periods of time (while we are on our vacation) finally she
fires Robert and tells us to go to her house to get our tickets refunded. We
paid nearly $600 for all of us and were scared for our lives and all had our
vacation on hold and ruined to go back and forth with her. She refunded only my
ticket and my finances ticket. And not one penny more. Even though my friend was
consistently sexually harassed throughout the entire excursion. And the rest of
our group had 3 days out of 5 ruined because of this. She had the audacity to
say that because the owner didn’t even want to refund us my and my finances
ticket she had to take it out of her money and kept whining and whining about
how now she has no staff and blah blah (Is it my fault that she has a
pervert/sexual hassault freako on her staff? Plus the owner is her boyfriend so
how is that her own money?). Still today nothing is resolved. Showed pictures of
the injuries and everything. So please PLEASE stay AWAY from this
“business”, they are unworthy of anybodys trust (mainly when your life is on
the line!!!)

:Leo Martinez
Horrible, Horrible experience! Unless you want your family or friends to be
sexually harassed and get their life in danger with violent staff, you
definitely do not want to go to this place! My fiancé and her friend were
constantly being sexually harassed by a tour guide named Robert after me getting
injured due to this irresponsible and careless guide shoving me onto a sharp
coral under water cave to get my fiancé alone. &nbsp;When I complained to the
manager they weren’t caring at all and the owner wouldn’t give me the time
of day. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE I would never want anybody else go through
what I went through!

Ted Bin
Thanks for the heads up. If that was me I’d end that guys life. Sick fucks
like this don’t deserve to operate tours. Post elsewhere so others are aware
of this. Once people know they will all avoid.

Jet Boating "Insane" - Kaanapali Ocean Adventures

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