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Amy Barker
Peter and Spud were phenomenal. Made everything incredibly enjoyable and fun. They seem to love their jobs and this directly affected our wonderful experience.

Emlyn Aurelio
The ATV tour was great. The people at the ranch were friendly and helpful. We had a group of 11 and 2 got sick the night before the tour. I was disappointed that we were unable to get a refund or at least a partial refund especially for a group our size.

Scott Goldstein
We had a blast! Ryan was an excellent guide, enjoys his job and it showed and made our little adventure that much more enjoyable.

Jim Simko
We had a great time. Worth the money

Milton Cardiff
As we have an ATV ourselves, this tour was everything we could have expected. Lots of fun. Thank you!

Milton Cardiff
We had a blast! Lots of fun. We certainly don't mind getting dirty when it's this much fun. Great views at the top.

Vanessa Holmes
Best time I've ever had. The guide was exceptional and made the experience even more memorable. If you come to Maui this is a must!!!

Barbara Pfahlert
The tour was excellent!

Bob Hamilton
The tour was as billed and was GREAT!! We will; be sure to do it again when in Maui.

Anabell Gomez
The kids absolutely loved it! Yes, it's a bit pricey but well worth it. You will get dirty so make sure you wear something old. I highly recommend this and the tour guide was great.

Debora Norz
My 76 yr old uncle and my 61 year old self were decades older but dressed for journey and requested the rear of the pack. We had a great time! Halfway through we stop for fresh pineapple and to absorb the magnificent view. Very enjoyable.

Bill Smith
The staff was great and well prepared.  The scenery and the ranch were
awesome.  The ATVing as super fun.  My only compliant was that for
almost $500 for a family of three, we were only in the ATVs for about an hour.
 For this kind of money I think the actual drive time should be 90 minutes
minimum as there are plenty of trails on this ranch.

Dori Bare
We had so much fun! Highly encourage both adults to drive. Riding is just as much fun!

John Hill
Had a wonderfully dirty ride. There was fresh fruit and water at the halfway point. In addition to other items, they have GoPro mounts on the ATVs. But you need to bring the flat bottom shoe that attaches to the GoPro. I just used a stick on the GoPro and got pretty good results. I also have an app on my phone that can record trails. I used it on this trip and got a good recording of where we went on the mountain side. I highly recommend this trip for ATV enthusiasts. It is better in the early morning because the guides are rested and the dust not quite so bad. Still, I got dirt in unmentionable places.

Loriann Villanis
We took this tour and accidentally signed up for solo vehicles. Turned out to be a better experience. The passenger doesn't have much control over the bumps, and I can imagine it would not be as fun as being the one driving and in charge.
We were quite disappointed that, although the signage all said they discouraged hot-doggers, they didn't actually do that. We had two separate vehicles that the drivers wanted to run off course. One fellow made it a point of doing donuts in the driest and dustiest part of the trail, causing so much dust it ran the rest of us off the road because we couldn't see anything. This caused us to get lost, and even the guides leading us back ended up lost. It took a lot of the fun out of it, being constantly frustrated by this one jerk.
Otherwise, if you like this kind of thing, it's a pretty good outfit and the gear is all in good shape.
I wouldn't do it again. I had hoped to see more of the back country, but it seemed more of a way to burn off testosterone (of which we don't have much). Save this activity for those little boys who need to prove something.

Russell Buckley
Dirty - Dusty - FUN!!! We had a blast. We might have opted for rental clothing, but it didn't really matter. It is a blast!

Ali Piehl
Had a great time. If you have a bad back neck etc don't do this your. This is not a leasuriely drive through the mountains. You will get jostled around dirty and potentially briefly separated from your group. It was a great time!!!!

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