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Deluxe Ocean & Waterfall Adventure- ATV Outfitters Hawaii

Tour Highlights:
  • First ATV activity company in the Hawaiian Islands.
  • Historical tour in area of King Kamehameha's birthplace.
  • 15 mile adventure to private waterfall.
  • Native Hawaiian forest.
  • Single driver and side by side 2 and 4 passenger ATV vehicles.  
  • 2 - 2.5 hours.
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Tour/Activity Rates

Retail (Before taxes/fees)

Our Price (Before taxes/fees)*

ATV Riders 16 and Up
Passenger 5 and Up **

Today's Prices are shown. To request a reservation please select a Day and Time from the calendar below.
Hawaii State sales tax is 4.167%. The cost of additional fees required to be applied by the tour company (if any) can be seen by proceeding to the Activity Cart Order page.

Ride along the beautiful Kohala Coastline on an ATV, cruising on top of a majestic 200 foot ocean cliff side. Continue your journey to a private and secluded bay, once the private property of King Kamehameha, and see a bird's eye view of a 1930's lighthouse. Native Hawaiian guides will share history and let you enjoy the special beauty. Next, you will climb the hill and travel high into the mountains through a cool eucalyptus rain forest and brisk mountain streams. You will then make your way up to the 2,000 foot elevation of the oldest volcano on the Big Island. You will stop at two waterfalls and take a short 5 minute walk to the base of one of the falls.
For guests needing assistance with a wheelchair or walker please inform agent at time of reservation so that you can be properly accommodated.
Operates: Monday - Friday at 7:30am or 12:00pm.
Departure Point: Highway 270, just past the 24 mile marker. On the left side of the highway, look for the ATV Outfitters sign. Take the first left and you will see a refurbished cowboy cabin in the middle of a green pasture.
Duration: 3 hours.
Equipment: Single driver and side by side 2 and 4 passenger ATV vehicles. Each vehicle has different restrictions. See restriction section below and speak with agent for assistance.
Capacity: There is a minimum of 2 and maximum of 10 guests per tour.
Fruit juice, iced tea and bottled water.

Inclusions: Use of helmet, goggles and gloves, riding instructions, refreshments and narration throughout. This activity is accessible by wheelchair and walker. Restrictions may apply.
Exclusions: There is a limited amount of rental shoes and clothing available for $5.00.
Activity Departs From: Activities that depart from the Hawi, Kohala, Waimea and the Mauna Kea areas of the Big Island.
Destination or Viewing Opportunity: Activities that go to the Hawi, Kohala, Waimea and Mauna Kea areas of the Big Island.
Foreign Language Translation: There is no foreign language translation available.
Handicapped Accessible: Participants who use a walker can go on this tour. Participants who require a wheelchair can go on this tour.
Maximum Capacity: This activity has a maximum capacity seven to fifteen people.
Maximum Passenger Weight: Participants with a total body weight of 300lbs or more are not permitted on this activity. Participants combined total body weight of 500lbs or more are not permitted on this activity.
Pride of America Cruise Ship Compatible: To Successfully attend these activities from a cruise ship, a rental vehicle or taxi is required.
Required Certifications: The participant is not required to have any certification or special license in order to participate.
Serves Alcohol: There is not any alcohol available during the activity.
Vehicle Type: Four-wheeled off road vehicles that use a handle bar to steer and can only accommodate a single rider. Off-road vehicles that a steered using a steering wheel and can usually accommodate two or more people.
What to Bring: Bring a shirt that you don't mind getting dirty. It is required that everyone wears closed toed shoes on this activity. Everyone must bring identification. It is required that everyone wears long pants on this activity.
Restrictions: People with with conditions involving their back, knees, neck, shoulders or other joints, women who are pregnant, people who have had recent surgeries or any other individuals with conditions that make them unable to handle sudden, jarring impacts are not permitted on this activity. There is a possibility that you and/or belongings may get wet.
This tour is scenic and historical and not intended as a thrill ride. All participants over 16 are required to provide a valid current i.d. with their date of birth at the time of check in. If unable to provide ID at the time of check in, they will not be able to drive their own ATV and will still be charged for the seat. Adults must accompany any minors under 18 years of age. Passing, stunts and reckless maneuvers are not allowed. Guests must stay on the trail at all times. All drivers must pass the safety practice course to avoid being downgraded to a passenger. No price adjustment will be issued to those that fail the course.
Single ATV Restrictions:
The minimum age to drive an ATV is 16 years old. Driver must weigh at least 100 lbs. but no more than 300 lbs. Must be 5' tall and wear long pants to ankles (No capri pants or leggings).
Side By Side Two Passenger Restrictions:
The minimum age to drive the Side by Side ATV is 25 years old. Driver must weigh at least 100 lbs. and combined with passenger can weigh no more than 500 lbs. Must be 5' 4" tall and wear long pants to ankles (No capri pants or leggings).

Physical Health Restrictions:
Guest must be in generally good health and not have unhealed injuries. No medical conditions including heart, back or neck problems, recent surgeries, asthma or allergies affecting breathing or pregnant women.
Clothing Restrictions:
All participants are suggested to wear closed to shoes. Drivers must wear long pants but passengers may be more flexible and just dress comfortably.
Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation policy is 48 hours up to 8 guests or 72 hours for Groups of 9-10 or more. This means that once you're within 48 hours, or 72 hours respectively of the start time, the tour is non refundable. If you choose to cancel before this time the standard 3% cancellation fee will apply. If the vendor needs to cancel your tour because of weather, a mechanical issue or any other reason you will receive a 100% refund of the price you paid.
Departure times are subject to change. Due to the nature of our tours, scenery and weather may change without prior notice. Therefore, adjustments and/or cancellations may occur at any time.
ADA Restrictions:
All of our tours and our headquarters are handicap accessible. For the ATV tours guests must be able to have use of their hands to hold on to the vehicle. Wheelchairs and Walkers are confirmed on a case by case basis. Often wheelchairs need to be left behind and guests must be able to maneuver transfers to the vehicles. Guests will be advised if they must have others in their party to assist them in order to participate. Agent will assist you at the time of booking.
Pride of America Cruise Ship: For Pride of America Cruise Ship passengers Tour company does not provide pick up. This tour can be reached via private transportation choices, taxi or car rental. Tour can be reserved Wednesday of your cruise ship schedule. Please ask agent if you have questions regarding transportation and tour/departure location. Book well in advance to assure availability.

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Kathy Duncan
We really enjoyed our tour. Darryl and his team were friendly and professional.  

Deluxe Ocean & Waterfall Adventure- ATV Outfitters Hawaii

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