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Welcome to your Affiliate Control Panel

From this control panel you have access to reports and tools which assist in sellling hawaii activities.

  • Affiliate Links
    • Get started today : Use this affiliate tracking link: https://www.tombarefoot.com/index.php?agencyid=0 to bring people to your affiliate activity home page. Any purchases made online or over the phone will be tracked to your affiliate account. That's it. Start earning today!

    • Activity Search / Affiliate Link Maker Tool : Virtual Activity Assistant / Affiliate Link Maker. Choose an island to get started. Once you pick a category of interest, the tool presents questions to help you narrow down the options.

  • RSS Feeds: RSS feeds with tracking code. Add Activity Category links to your site with ease.

  • PDF Activity Guides:: Download your set of PDF Activity Guides. Use these in any correspondence with your customer or client..