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Tom Barefoot's Tours is a Hawaii-only business based on Maui. After 40 years of providing activities and tours for millions of visitors, we know who’s-who in terms of providing the best services for their clients and customers. For this reason, we want to share the names of our affiliates for the purpose of everyone'sHawaii travel planning and decisions.

The affiliates of Tom Barefoot’s Tours:

  • consist of businesses and professionals in Hawaii with high standards and excellent reputations that basically share the same goals: bringing more visitors to Hawaii from around the globe, enabling them to leave a troubled world behind and have a great time. This is as much a mission of like-minded, dedicated people as it is hundreds of businesses eager to provide travel services to people visiting Hawaii’s six islands of Aloha.
  • cover the gamut of travel services, from travel agencies and managers and hosts of accommodations to just about everything to see and do in Hawaii. In a sense, becoming an affiliate of Tom Barefoot’sTours can be viewed as an unofficial certificate of doing a great job for their clients.

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