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Travel agents individually and as a profession are really amazing people. From our experience over the years, it seems like they were born for the role of helping people to plan some of the most important days in their lives: namely, vacations.  And not just any vacation, vacations in Hawaii! Just read some reviews of travel agents that are among our affiliates. Time after time, they plan unforgettable trips and travel experiences, provide great advice and reliable recommendations, no matter whether it’s at the last minute or way in advance of travel, pre-departure or throughout vacations in Hawaii. They are trouble-shooters, sticklers for detail and take the hassle out of travel. Adventure travel, beach vacations, honeymoons and romance, eco-tourism, cruises, groups and more, they know and love Hawaii, its beauty, gorgeous beaches and coastlines, and wondrous things to see and do. All that Tom Barefoot’s Tours tries to do is help travel agencies, those among our affiliates or not, do the best possible job for clients, earn kudos and repeat business. And it’s a privilege for us to do so.

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510 Results