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Waikiki beach and Honolulu are known for fun! Nothing is more fun on the water than parasailing and jet skiing, both of which are offered by X-Treme Jet Ski and Parasail. Parasail rides come in three varieties, 700', 850', and 1000' lengths of line. You'll be able to fly two persons at a time. Take-offs and landings are all taken off the back of the parasail boat making it all very easy and comfortable. Tours will take about an hour by the time you fly. Additional people on board have a chance to fly too. These tours provide great photo opportunities. X-Treme Jet Ski and Parasail obviously also provides jet ski packages, which are available all day long. You will be able to jet ski in protected waters for about 30 minutes, and you have your choice of going alone or in tandem with someone else. You can choose to do either the parasail or the jet ski individually. Or you may choose a package that will allow you to do them both on the same outing.

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We market and sell some tours as "Combination Tours" on Kauai. Please keep in mind that as a general rule the differences between two tours bought as a "Combination Tour" instead of two individual tours that were purchased on an "A La Carte" basis normally has more to do with logistics than with pricing.

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Oahu Jet Skiing is not just for dare-devils, although it can be! Actually jet ski riders take many shapes and forms. Even children are allowed to ride as a passenger on a Jet Ski with an adult guardian.

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Parasailing is a sport which makes use of a parachute being pulled by a speed boat. The parachutist is floated via a 400' to 800' pull rope and raises to heights of 400' to 500' above the ocean surface.

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Surfing fans and observers flock to Oahu's famous surfing beaches every year for the best waves in the world. During Hawaii's warm winter season, November - March, storms in the North Pacific create big waves on the north and western shores Oahu's North Shore is the home of fthe world's largest professional surfing competitions.

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