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Wings Over Kauai provides some remarkable advantages when comparing this aircraft to helicopters and other fixed-wing planes alike. First off, it will take just the two of you on their Cessna, making for an extremely personalized flight. Up to six passengers can be accommodated on their new AirVan. You will have headsets and microphones on, and be able to converse back and forth with the pilot at any time. Second, you will be seated on the right hand side of the aircraft (on both Cessna and AirVan) allowing for the best views of the coast and cliff regions as you traverse the island in a clockwise direction without having to waste time continuously circling around to allow people on the left hand side see the views as well. Third, your full island flight will be 70 minutes long, a full 10 minutes longer than the usual hour flights, and you will see an additional part of the island not usually seen on the loop by most companies, Princeville to Kapa'a coastline. Lastly, the flight is essentially a private tour (in the case of the Cessna with just two persons). If you want this option, just mention it and we'll try to arrange it for you. If you have an area of particular interest to you, you can just request seeing that or spending more time at a particular area. Although your tour will still come in at 70 minutes, it will be customized for you. Wings Over Kauai has a perfect safety record, and its value for dollar spent is worth every bit of the price for the tour.

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When we refer to Air Tours here we are referring to 'fixed-wing sightseeing airplane tours' rather than helicopters tours which we also offer on this list below.

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The NaPali Coast is the 'crown jewel' of Kauai. You will be able to see it by boat, plane, helicopter, kayak, raft, hike or dinner cruise.

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