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Torpedo Tours is a full service dive company that offers a variety of tours off the beautiful, calm waters of the Kona Coast on their 38' custom charter dive vessel. Dive tours are available for introductory dives and certified alike as well as snorkeling tours. Morning dives are the most popular as there are so many dives sites just within a short distance of the harbor that it is impossible to see them all and so many people choose to go on multiple dives. Diving with the Manta Rays at night is another specialty of Torpedo Tours. The one aspect that really separates Torpedo Tours from the other dive companies are the availability of the 'torpedo's' to be used on the dives and snorkels. These effortlessly allow you to be able to cover twice the territory under water with less exertion than on a regular dive. The same is true when you use a torpedo on one of their snorkel tours.

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