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The Strike Zone is a boat that does both sport fishing and bottom fishing. Both types of charters are offered during the week and they 'catch well' on each of them. Each type of fishing is very different. The sport fishing is designed to go out and catch the "big fish" like the Pacific Blue Marlin and the Mahi Mahi and this is done by trolling a series of lines behind the boat. Bottom fishing on the other hand requires the boat to be still in the water and drop lines overboard to fish the oceans bottom. Bottom fishing is an almost guarantee for catching fish but of the two, sport fishing is usually the more exciting. You can choose to go sport fishing, bottom fishing or on a charter that does them both on the same trip. The Strike Zone is a 43' Delta and offers sport fishing a few times a week and bottom fishing a few times a week in both the morning and the afternoon. Pure sport fishing will accommodate only 6 fisherman but the bottom fishing charters can accommodate 12 to 16 fisherman and a few guests for a maximum of 20 passengers on board.

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