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Start Me Up Sportfishing is a professional fishing operation on both Maui and the Big Island. They have a large fleet of boats on both islands and they are all the same type of boat, a 43' Bertram Sport Fisher. These boats are "fishing machines" and are designed for the serious sport fisherman. The boats are only available on a private charter basis having a capacity of six persons. They have an unusual length of time available on their charters having private trips that will go out for two, four, six, eight or nine hour charters. No one leaves the harbor earlier than them as their nine-hour charter departs at 3:30am. These guys are serious! Aside from having all the great equipment needed to catch fish they also have very comfortable boats with air-conditioned cabin, TVs and VCRs and refrigerators as well as freezers. These boats are a great choice to go out on to sport fish at the same time as you watch the "big game" on TV.

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With many great fishing areas between the islands of Maui County, sport fishing is a big industry here!

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The fact that you may have a disability won't hold you back from enjoying Maui.

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