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Princeville Golf Course

The Princeville Golf Course is located on the beautiful North side of Kauai which is a region that is known by many to be one of the most stunning areas on the planet. The views from this course are incredible as is the course itself. It's apparent that the groundskeepers take a great deal of pride in their work. The sight of Bali Hai and Hanalei Bay and looking down at breaking surf below the cliffs will provide an overall experience you'll never forget. Book a tee time on this northern Kauai course and enjoy a challenging game on one of nature's more awe striking locations.

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Visiting Kauai via cruise ship can be a lot of fun but it can also be challenging to find island tours that are compatible with the arrival and departure times of the ships.

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Golfing on Kauai is an amazing experience.  Not only are many of the courses here 'world class' in terms on architecture and design, but the beautiful locations they find themselves in would be worth going to just for the views, even if you didn't play golf.

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