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Outrageous Surf School

If you think that it would be Outragous for you to learn to surf on your next vacation on Maui think again! Outragous surf school teaches surf lessons in the warm sunny waters of Maui and they guarantee that their students will be able to stand up before the end of their lesson. Outragous operates out of Lahaina town and offers a variety of different surf lessons. You can go with a group lesson, or try one where you get more individual attention such as a private or a semi-private lesson. Outrageous surf school does not confine themselves to teaching just the traditional lay down style of surfing. They also teach stand up paddling. The sport of stand up surfing has had a great revival in recent years and where it was once uncommon to see anyone surfing a stand up board, it is now uncommon to not see anyone out on a stand up board when the surf is up. Stand up paddle surfing is where the rider uses a canoe paddle with an extended handle to propel himself or herself across the surface of the water. Many people think that this sport is new but it is actually ancient and is believed to even out date surfing and to have originally been done on a small canoe specifically designed for riding waves. Laird Hamilton the famous tow surfer has been instrumental in the recent revival of stand up paddling by appearing riding stand up boards in surf and feature films. Stand up surfing is available in group, semi-private or private lessons and is becoming a popular sport for the young and old alike.

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Hawaii and surfing are inseparable to many people. After all, it was the sport of the ancient Hawaiians and is even more popular today. Maui's abundant coastline offers big waves for veteran surfers and spots suitable for beginners.

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Surfing was a sport of the ancient Hawaiians and is even more popular in Maui today. Maui's abundant coastline offers big waves for surfing veterans and surfing spots suitable for beginners.

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