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Old Lahaina Luau

It is believed by many that the Old Lahaina Luau is not only the very best luau on Maui, but actually in the entire state of Hawaii as well. The Old Lahaina Luau has been a tradition on Maui for years now, and as a testimony to its quality is almost always sold out. Not just sold out, but sold out for days and even weeks in advance. Their location is not at a hotel with a backdrop of hotels rooms behind you, but instead is located right on the beach in the area called Mala in Lahaina. Its only function there is to perform luaus, and it has perfected this to an art form. There are modest groups of visitors at this luau as compared to most as they only accommodate about four-hundred people, which is small in comparison to other luaus. The entertainment at this luau is also different in the sense that it all deals with the culture of old Hawaii rather than other cultures. The show is permeated with Hawaiian chants and traditional songs and dances. Many of the dancers were trained in local "hulau's" where they have learned the art of hula and other dances. This luau is as close as you will find to a luau that attempts to continue the traditions and culture of Old Hawaii.

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A party. Food, drink, dance, music and much aloha. Hawaii is the only place where you can attend truly authentic Hawaiian lu'aus. Maui is well known to have some of the very best lu'aus in the State of Hawaii.

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