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Do you believe in ghosts? You just might after experiencing one of the four tour packages offered by Oahu Ghost Tours. Ghost stories have always been a part of the Hawaiian lore and legends which have been passed down from generation to generation make up an important part of Oahu history. Oahu Ghost Tours serves up some of Oahu's most haunted locations and allows you to come to your own conclusions. Your guides are some of the very best in the spiritual world and are also great story tellers. These evenings are great fun but prepare to be "scared" as these tours will give you what the Hawaiians refer to as "chicken skin". You will have four different choices of tours to take: Honolulu City Haunts which takes you to various haunted spots in Honolulu, Orb of Oahu which takes you on a horrifying evening tour , Sacred Spirits which is a daytime tour that takes you to some of the most sacred spot on Oahu and the Friday the Thirteenth Driving Tour which is guaranteed to "creep you out" as they take you to visit locations where horrifying events have taken place in years past.

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There are more sightseeing excursions on Oahu than perhaps all of the other islands put together.

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You may be disabled but you will still have an opportunity to enjoy activities on Oahu. We have a bunch you will enjoy.

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This is where Oahu excels. Check out some of these really unusual tours.

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