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One of the few boats to depart directly from the Waikiki Beach area, the 'Mai Tai' has been a featured catamaran icon for many years. This 44' sailing catamaran is large enough to accommodate 47 passengers for cocktail cruises, fireworks cruises, sailing adventures and snorkeling tours. Pricing for these cruises are very reasonable and most cruises take only about one-and-a-half or two hours leaving plenty of time for dinners, dancing or other activities in Honolulu. The Mai Tai is a full-on sailing vessel so you'll likely have some wind blowing through your hair and regardless of the tour you take, the vessel's namesake drink will be available to add that extra touch of fun.

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You may be disabled but you will still have an opportunity to enjoy activities on Oahu. We have a bunch you will enjoy.

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Oahu has some absolutely beautiful sailing vessels. You can book individual seats or charter the whole boat.

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The snorkeling category is the most popular category of activities on Oahu.

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Oahu has plenty of these and they are a great value.

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