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One of the most exciting helicopter adventures on Oahu is the Doors Off 50 Minute Tour in the helicopter used in the Magnum P.I. television series. Guests won't have to be a serious photographer to appreciate the vibrancy in color and detailed scenic views when there's no plexiglass to look or shoot through. Photographs are stunning the the ride itself is thrilling. Enjoy this unique way to see the sights off Oahu's shoreline. There are no limits with a lift on the helicopter ADA guests don't hesitate to reserve this incredible sightseeing tour. Magnum Helicopters wants to accommodate and share this amazing experience with everyone 12 years and Up.

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Fixed wing air tours on Oahu are fun and they take many forms. One great tour is a seaplane that takes off and lands on the water. Others are glider rides that are towed from the ground to thousands of feet in the air where you glide on the quiet and gentle currents of air viewing the beautiful sites below.

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We frequently get asked questions from our clients about the handicap accessibility of our tours. As a result of this we have created category on our website called "Handicap Accessible Tours on Oahu".

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Helicopter and air tours are undoubtedly the most spectacular way to see the island of Oahu. Most people think of Oahu as just Honolulu and Waikiki but its scenic North Shore and beautiful Koolau and Waianae mountain ranges are truly spectacular.

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One of the most visited locations in the state of Hawaii is the Pearl Harbor Memorial. Tom Barefoot's Tours can provide you with your Pearl Harbor tickets.

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We've been planning vacation activities on Oahu for over 40 years and some of our favorite packages to help clients with are the "Customized Special Requests".

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Interest in extreme tours and activities on Oahu is growing rapidly. Enjoy extreme watersports, scenic and aerobatic glider flights and watching sharks swimming underwater in Oahu.

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