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Lahaina Divers is perhaps the oldest and most established of the dive shops that run out of Lahaina. Lahaina Divers is a full service dive shop that has been in operation for over twenty-five years. Lahaina Divers provides scuba diving tours to Lanai, Molokini, and the West Maui Coastline. Lahaina Divers also offers a slew of additional services including introductory dives, certification courses, Japanese language dives, handicapped scuba diving and scuba gear rentals. There are never more than four introductory divers per instructor. Their fleet is made up of the "Endeavor" which is a fifty-foot custom twin-engine dive vessel that is approved by the Coast Guard for twenty-four divers. The "Reliant" is a forty-three foot custom dive boat that is certified by the Coast Guard to carry eighteen divers. The diving locations that are available within a short boat ride from Lahaina Harbor are plentiful. Most of the dive spots require that you pass right through the whale preserve so during whale season it is very likely that you will end up doing a bit of whale watching at some point in the trip. Lanai is home to the largest unbroken coral reef in the state. There are also large sea cliffs on the backside of the island. On the Southern side of Lanai there are many underwater sea caves and lava tubes. One such area is the famous "Cathedrals" dive that is made up of a sea cave that has skylights in it that let through large cylinders of light through the otherwise dark cave. In these areas it is possible to glimpse some of the nocturnal marine fish that seek safety inside these caverns during the daytime. There are also wreck dives available that go see such places as the "Carthaginian". The "Carthaginian" is a replica of an ancient whaling vessel that was recently scuttled of the coast of Lahaina. This wreckage has provided shelter for a variety of marine life and there is now a thriving marine ecosystem surrounding it. This is the same shipwreck that is toured by Atlantis Submarines. If you're a beginner diver they can take you to Turtle Reef for a two-tank introductory or refresher dive. There are also two-tank as well as four-tank certified dives available. Regardless of what trip you choose, the experienced crews of Lahaina Divers will do all they can to make sure that you stay safe and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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