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Koloa Zipline is an Eco Friendly Tour that is located on Grove Farm lands. Their 8 line Zipcourse will travel through and above a variety of ecosystmes. Guests will fly through the jungle, soar above the forest, and glide across the water. Koloa Zipline has now officially opened their 1/2 mile long Waita line. The Waita line glides across the Waita reservoir; the largest reservoir in the State of Hawaii. Koloa Zipline very much an Eco Friendly Tour, they are currently working with the County on making each area around each Zipline a Botanical Garden with native Hawaiian plants. Guests will be able to purchase plants and plant them if desired for the reforestation program. A very unique program.

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Visiting Kauai via cruise ship can be a lot of fun but it can also be challenging to find island tours that are compatible with the arrival and departure times of the ships.

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Zip-line tours are a fairly recent addition to the list of Kauai's spectacular activities. Kauai zip-line tours are also among the most popular. Some zip-line tours on Kauai zoom across huge spans of canyons or bluffs and some glide from tree to tree through the tops of magnificent pine forests.

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