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One of the most professional surfing schools on the island is the Kauai Surf School. These instructions are usually held in the Poipu area in surf that is usually fairly small but easy to learn on. Lessons taught by the Kauai Surf School are generally small and personalized with a small instructor to student ratio. Each lesson is two-hours in length and the first hour is spent on dry land going over the skills that are necessary for you to know in order to be able to stand up in the water. The second hour is actually spent in the water and your instructor will be right there with you giving you tips and encouraging you in the manner of a varsity coach. The results of these lessons are favorable to say the least as almost everyone will be able to stand before lessons end. In addition to just beginner surfing instruction, advance surfing instruction is available for those that want to develop beyond the basic skills.

Kauai Surf School carries activities in the following categories

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There are many great waves suitable for teaching beginners on Kauai.

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