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Kauai Nature School

Kauai Nature School is an island wilderness educator providing quality, informative adventure programs. With something for everyone there are tours, camps and school programs for the local community. Visitors become engaged and acquire an appreciation for the unique island of Kauai. Camp and school programs for the local community nurture long term care and respect by the island's residents. Skills and training learned here can be applied a variety of ways in different lifestyles and different locations. Kauai Nature School boasts teaching its participants how to "Thrive in the Wild". There are stunning coastlines and jungle trails guests can experience. Make sightseeing a great learning adventure. Go on a hike, birding or shoreline fishing adventure with Kauai Nature School. Enjoy an outdoor day the Kauai way.

Kauai Nature School carries activities in the following categories

Kauai is famous for its Hiking trails and they are abundant on the island. There is a Kauai hike for everyone. Some hikes are less than a mile long and others can extend miles along the coastline or into the island's interior.

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