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Kauai ATV is an extraordinary adventure into the out-back of Kauai. You will be on a 22,000 acre parcel of Kauai that is known for its beauty and its remoteness. Kauai ATV makes use of Yamaha ATV's or fully automatic dune buggies to assault the wild terrain which is known worldwide as the backdrop of some of Hollywood's most famous movies. If flying on an ATV full-out holds an appeal for you this tour is you're match made in heaven. "Dusty" is a word you'll become familiar with as you will see and feel more dirt and dust than you would find on a cattle-drive (you will have the opportunity to rent some special clothing so your good clothes won't get soiled). You will have you're option of taking one of two separate tours but probably the most interesting and refreshing would be the "waterfall tour" which will give you an opportunity to jump into a cool, clean and refreshing mountain pool mid-way during your ATV trek.

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These tours will take you deep into the 'back country' where you would not be permitted to visit on your own.

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