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Everybody loves Kaanapali Beach. This is where everything seems to happen. Everyone congregates on the beach to enjoy the sun and to partake in the ocean sports that abound there. On any given day you'll see parasailers, Jet skiing, sailboats, body surfers, snorkelers, swimmers, windsurfers and a variety of ocean going cruises taking people out to have a great time on the ocean. The other thing that happens here are surf lessons and Island Style Adventures is a company that will teach you how to surf at the great learner waves found at Kaanapali Beach. You're instructors are quite experienced and they should have you up and riding the Kaanapali surf in no time.

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Check to see which shore excursions are compatible with your cruise ship when it enters port.

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Hawaii is the home of surfing. Maui has some great surf spots and great surf instructors. Great of kids!

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Here is a list of all the different water sports you can do on the island.

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