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One of the longest standing of all luaus in Oahu is Germaine's Luau. This luau has been a tradition of sorts for decades and generations of visitors have enjoyed the food, cocktails, entertainment and overall fun that happens here. The luau itself is located on an isolated private area along a white sand beach in West Oahu. Although you can drive there on your own it is usually better to just take the complementary bus trip they provide from Waikiki so you don't have to worry about finding it and secondly so you won't have to drive back after having a few cocktails at the luau. Besides the fun actually starts when you board your bus and your luau guide stands up in the front and addresses the various topics of interest surrounding the luau and adds a colorful narration involving Hawaiian culture in general. The overall feeling of the luau itself is that of a big party where you get to meet a lot of people and have a good time. That's why it's a tradition on the island.

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Oahu is the home of three of the most famous Hawaiian lu'aus; the "Polynesian Cultural Center" Lu'au, Germaine's Lu'au and Paradise Cove Lu'au. The Hawaiian lu'aus and feasts on Oahu are heavily steeped in Hawaiian history, Polynesian history, hula dancing and all facets of Hawaiian culture.

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