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One of the most popular, intimate and well received luaus we have ever had on the island of Maui is the Feast at Lele. This luau is held right on the beach at sunset time in the town of Lahaina. The luau only holds just over one-hundred and fifty people which makes it one of the smallest and most intimate luaus offered in all of Hawaii. Seating for this luau is at individual tables instead of the long picnic tables often found at others. If you are a couple, you will have your own table. If you are a foursome you will have your own table and so on. There is waiter service at this luau instead of a buffet and you waiter will bring you all the food and drink you will want for the evening. The main cultures of the Pacific Rim are featured in the show on stage and the way things are set up at this luau is that the food delicacies of the particular culture that is performing on stage will be delivered to your table during the performance. Since four cultures are presented there will be for separate courses of food delivered to the table over the course of the evening and then a desert course and prior to the first course are also appetizers. This is one of the most romantic and beautiful of all the luaus on the island and is usually sold out way in advance.

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