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CJM Country Stables

CJM Stables is a "must do" for anyone desirous of riding along the beautiful sea cliffs of south Kauai. This working cattle ranch provides spectacular rides that travel right along the coastline and dolphins, rays and various forms of sea life, including whales in season, can often be seen from the ride. The horses found at CJM are obviously well loved and cared for by the owners and wranglers of the ranch as they are some of the most beautiful animals you will find anywhere in Hawaii. These rides are well appreciated by those who experience them and these warm and sunny ranchland areas bring riders back year after year to enjoy horseback riding at its finest. Just simply being at the ranch is an experience as you will often be able to see as many as fifty head of well tended horses and often their new born colts enjoying their south Kauai surroundings. This is one of the very best areas of the island for excellent sunny weather and when many of the other portions of the island are "socked in" with rain and poor visibility CJM Stables will still be enjoying clear and beautiful conditions.

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