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Of all of Hawaii's spectacular sites none is more alluring than a visit to the active volcano on the Big Island. The vast area of rift zone, volcanic vents, flowing lava, ancient lava tubes and Hawaiian forests can be easily visited and totally appreciated on the guided bike tour with Bike Volcano. Visiting this area on a bicycle is one of the very best ways to view it as you are able to cover the full rift zone area at a comfortable pace and yet stop frequently to see, hear, smell and feel all the sensations generated from this remarkable force of nature. Bike Hawaii tour is designed to be very comfortable with very little exertion as most of the riding is downhill or on flat ground. Every effort will be made to provide you with as much information as possible about the volcanic activity, the history of the region, the Hawaiian legends and the flora and fauna surrounding the volcano area.

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This is an amazing way to visit the volcanic activity. The moderate pace makes these tours a cross between hiking and a sightseeing van.

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Combination Tours are two or more tours that are packaged together.  Sometimes a better pricing is available this way.

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Check to see which shore excursions are compatible with your cruise ship when it enters port.

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It will likely be a once in a lifetime experience to witness these live volcanoes.

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