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Bike Maui-Haleakala Bike Co.

The Bike Maui-Haleakala Bike Co. was the first major company to offer "free style" bike trips down the mountain. What this means is that they will drive you up to the top of the mountain to visit the summit, most notably for sunrise, and then carry you down to the boundary of the national park at about the 6500' level and set you loose on your own to find your way back to the company headquarters near the ocean at its base in Haiku. This allows you the freedom to travel at your own pace and stop exactly where you want to stop on your own. You will be self-regulated on these tours so you will have to make certain you mind the road signs and are careful not to interfere with traffic flow up and down the mountain by automobiles

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The famous Haleakala Downhill Bike Ride is the envy of all bike riding options in the state.

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Combination Tours are two or more tours that are packaged together.  Sometimes a better pricing is available this way.

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Check to see which shore excursions are compatible with your cruise ship when it enters port.

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Visit Hana, Haleakala, Iao Valley, Up-country, Maui has so much to see.

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Maui was the location of the first zip-line in the country. Now we have tons of zip-line courses.

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