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Air Ventures offers exceptional fixed-wing air tours of the island of Kauai on its comfortable, air-conditioned GA-8 AirVan aircraft. There are a maximum of six passengers per flight and each person has a guaranteed window seat. Weight restrictions are minimal allowing persons weighing up to 350 pounds so the whole family can enjoy the scenic views from the individual huge bubble window positioned at each seat. Designed to fly at slow speeds the Air Ventures aircraft can circle the whole island on a 70 minute tour which will allow you to view all the island highlights. The GA-8 AirVan is eco-friendly and built to provide a minimum audible impact to those on the ground and each passenger's use of personalized headphones will provide the same quiet inside the plane as well, allowing each passenger the use of two-way communication.

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When we refer to Air Tours here we are referring to 'fixed-wing sightseeing airplane tours' rather than helicopters tours which we also offer on this list below.

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Check to see which shore excursions are compatible with your cruise ship when it enters port.

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Depending upon your disability, we have so many options for you to enjoy activities.

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The NaPali Coast is the 'crown jewel' of Kauai. You will be able to see it by boat, plane, helicopter, kayak, raft, hike or dinner cruise.

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