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Big Island Activities. Big Island Tours.

Some of the best kept secrets in Hawaii are the Big Island Activities and Big Island Tours!

Big Island Activities and Big Island Tours. To View Tours Now, jump down page

Certain Big Island Activities and Big Island Tours are famous throughout the Island chain. Every island has activities that are unique to that island as well as activities that are similar to those offered elsewhere. The volcanic activity found on the Big Island makes it however a total 'stand alone'. Although all Hawaiian islands are a product of volcanic activity, none of the others have 'live' volcanic activity. It seems like everyone has a tremendous interest in this and as a result, this phenomenon has created the platform for a great many types of Big Island Activities and Big Island Tours. 

It's obvious that the volcanic activity is of major importance to the visitor interests on the Big Island but the Big Island has a litany of other forms of tours and activities and we are presenting them all to you here in a list, for easy reference, that is organized in alphabetical order. 

Big Island Activities. Big Island Tours

Air Tours

We describe 'air tours' here as sightseeing tours offered on a fixed wing aircraft.  These can be less expensive than helicopter tours and still get you above the island to see the sights.

ATV and Off-Road Tours

It is no mistake that the Big Island was the first place in Hawaii to offer ATV tours.  

Bike Tours

This is an amazing way to visit the volcanic activity.  The moderate pace makes these tours a cross between hiking and a sightseeing van.

Cruise Ship Compatible Tours

A number of cruise ships dock at the ports of both Hilo and Kailua-Kona.  We offer many 'shore excursions' that are available during the times you are in port.

Dinner Cruise

The Kona Coast of the Big Island is calm and a perfect spot for a dinner cruise.

Dolphin Tours

This is one of the few places in Hawaii that you can not only see dolphins with regularity, but swim with them as well.


The are so many place on the Big Island to experience a sightseeing tour.

Fishing Charters

Hands down.  The Big Island is the single best place in Hawaii for Sport Fishing!Handicap Accessible Activities

You may be disabled but there are many tours on the Big Island that will be delighted to accommodate you.

Helicopter Flights

These helicopter tours are among the most sought after in all of Hawaii.


There are many options for hiking here that will accommodate many levels of ability.  

Horseback Rides

Cattle ranches have been a big part of the Big Island since the early 1800's.  Horseback riding is a way of life among many here and you have a variety of ranches to choose from.

Inter-Island Tours

You can travel on a 1-Day tour to Pearl Harbor or Maui and return to the Big Island on the same day.


Kayaking is one of the most beautiful ways to explore the coastlines of the Big Island.

Kids Tours

There are a number of tours you can enjoy here with your whole family.

Live Volcano Tours

It will likely be a once in a lifetime experience to witness these live volcanoes.


There are so many beautiful locations for luaus on the Big Island.


The calm waters off the Kona Coast make the perfect spot to take a parasail ride.

Pearl Harbor

Did you know that you could take a 1-day tour to Pearl Harbor from the Big Island?

Private Charters

We can arrange tours you just you and your family and friends or your whole corporate group on any one of a number of activities.


They call it the Big Island because it is 'Big' and it is convenient to have your own rent-a-car to enjoy it. 

Sailing Charters

There are a number of sailing charters you can take out and get 'into the wind'.  

Scuba Diving 

Some people believe that the scuba diving on the Big Island is the best there is in Hawaii.

Snorkeling Tours

Snorkeling is the most popular activity on the island.

Submarine and Glass Bottom Boats

For most people a submarine ride here will be the first time they have been to the bottom of the ocean.

Sunset Sails and Sunset Cruises

A romantic sunset sail is one of the best ways to enjoy a sunset.

Surf Lessons

There are wonderful surf breaks on the island that are perfect for you to learn to surf.

Unique Tours

The Big Island has some of the most unusual tours available in Hawaii.

Water Sports

Here is a listing of all of the various tours on island that could be considered a water sport.

Wedding and Vow Renewal

This might be the right place to surprise your spouse and renew your wedding vows.

Whale Watching 

Not only does the Big Island attract the Humpback Whales in the winter but also has various other species that live here year round.

X-treme Tours

Feeling adventurous.  Check these out!

Zipline Tours

Here are some of the very most exciting ziplines found anywhere in Hawaii.

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(3) Activities
The Big Island of Hawaii is big indeed, larger in fact than all the other islands put together. Taking an air tour on a fixed wing aircraft is a great..

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(8) Activities
The ATV tours on the Big Island are among the most adventurous of the outdoor tours and activities available in Hawaii. The Big Island of Hawaii is the..

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(3) Activities
Seeing the Big Island on a bike is truly one of the best ways to do it. The Big Island is full of sporty, outdoor types. Have you ever heard of the Kona..

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(18) Activities
We market and sell some tours as "Combination Tours" on the Big Island. Please keep in mind that as a general rule the differences between two tours bought..

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If you are coming to the "Big Island" of Hawaii on a cruise ship then you need to make sure you browse our cruise ship category before you make any reservations..

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(2) Activities
These boats off the Big Island of Hawaii have been known for years as the spot to "party your sandals off." The coastline off the Kona shore with its views..

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$68.70 - $1328.95
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(30) Activities
Known for their inshore habits, playfulness around vessels and star performances at aquariums, Bottlenose dolphins are probably the most popular of all..

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(68) Activities
The Big Island of Hawaii is the largest island in the State of Hawaii and has more areas to visit on a sightseeing tour than other islands. One of the..

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(27) Activities
Perhaps the single most well-known and important activity on the Big Island of Hawaii is sport fishing or deep sea fishing. The quality of the "big game"..

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(45) Activities
We frequently get asked questions from our clients about the handicap accessibility of our tours. As a result of this we have created category on our website..

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(27) Activities
Within the past 20 years or so the only place on the planet that you could consistently see an active volcano has been on the Big Island of Hawaii. Many..

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(24) Activities
The Big Island of Hawaii hiking tours and activities include rainforest hikes, eco-tours, volcano tours, lava tube hikes, hikes through the Hawaii Volcanoes..

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$83.90 - $208.15
(8) Activities
Many of the ranches offering horseback riding on the Big Island of Hawaii allow a more permissive style of riding than found on other islands. With so..

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(11) Activities
On Tom Barefoot's website, tours and activities that you see on any of the Hawaiian islands are available to you through "Car" and "Over-Night" packages...

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(10) Activities
The calm waters, abundant sea life, great snorkeling, picturesque sea caves and beautiful weather surrounding the Big Island of Hawaii make it an ideal..

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(20) Activities
The Big Island of Hawaii has many tours and activities that are suitable for children. Glassbottom boats, submarine rides, a petting zoo, luaus, parasailing..

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(43) Activities
For over 20 years the fountains of fire have continued with tremendous intensity and today Mt. Kileaua is the volcano with the longest-lived rift activity..

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$92.45 - $218.00
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(7) Activities
The Big Island of Hawaii provides luaus from Kailua-Kona town to the resorts of Waikaloa. There is nowhere on the planet that you can truly attend an authentic..

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(3) Activities
Parasailing on the Big Island of Hawaii is high excitement and is done virtually every week of the year as compared to its counterpart on Maui which closes..

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(11) Activities
Would you like to visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial when you're in Hawaii and you're staying on the Big Island? Tom Barefoot's Tours can make it happen with..

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(42) Activities
We've been planning vacation activities on the Big Island for over 40 years and some of our favorite packages to help clients with are the "Customized..

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(14) Activities
"Big Island" Rental car packages.

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(13) Activities
Sailing charters on the Big Island of Hawaii generally depart from the Kona side of the island. Because Kona is usually protected from the stiff tradewinds..

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$78.90 - $2000.00
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(11) Activities
The Kona Coast in particular has been blessed with some of the calmest waters in Hawaii in both the morning and the afternoon allowing scuba companies..

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$67.70 - $135.00
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(12) Activities
Perhaps your're interested in just taking a sightseeing boat tour off the coastline of the island without going snorkeling. This is the page where you..

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$36.85 - $3240.00
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(84) Activities
The Big Island of Hawaii has a number of different boats that offer snorkeling tours. Many of them cruise the coast off Kona down to Capt. Cook. Most of..

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$44.70 - $242.00
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(7) Activities
Atlantis Submarine cruises will take you on a submarine cruise on one of their 5 million dollar underwater viewing vessels to depths of over 100 feet and..

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$74.70 - $3240.00
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(10) Activities
Sunset Sails off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii provide the ultimate in relaxation. The beauty of the ocean and the colors of the sunset provide..

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$71.90 - $281.75
(5) Activities
A surfing company may boast that anyone can be riding the surf in just one lesson and that, indeed, was the case when my son Jake tried it the first time...

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$15.00 - $1200.00
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(55) Activities
Some tours and activities are simply unique to the Big Island of Hawaii and cannot be experienced anywhere else. These include tours to the summit of Mauna..

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(96) Activities
Watersports are the perfect Hawaii activity for anyone young or old! For excitement, choose the "touch and go." On the way down, instead of just reeling..

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$399.00 - $1699.00
(3) Activities
Our wedding coordinators work with the best photographers, videographers, florists, musicians and purveyors to assist in planning just want you want. These..

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(26) Activities
Unlike other locations in Hawaii, the Big Island of Hawaii is not only the seasonal home for the famous Humpback whales but is also home year round to..

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(4) Activities
For our purposes, X-Treme Tours are those tours that are adventurous, exciting and usually require some measure of physical activity. You may think that..

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(14) Activities
So what is a Zipline tour anyway? Zipline tours are a fairly recent activity to appear on Hawaii, but Hawaii Zipline tours are certainly one of the most..

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Recent Reviews

Video Transcript

Particularly have the geography of The Big Island relates to the activities that you could find on this island. Another way to look at this will be discussing the specific activities that you could be doing on this island that you cannot do on others. These are things that if you're coming to Hawaii and you have certain things you wanted to do on certain islands. These maybe things you would have an interest in participating in while you're on The Big Island.

Let's talk, to begin with about the geography of The Big Island and how it relates to the different activities and tours that you can do. First of all, keep in mind that this is called The Big Island also often called The Island of Hawaii. The Big island because it is a big island, it is bigger than all of the other islands combined. You can put them all inside here land area-wise and you still room left over, which is huge. It's one of the things that people need to understand when they go to The Big Island is that these distances it just takes awhile to get between things. People think that they can go to one area to another quickly and it's usually not the case. Many of things that happened here are a day event as soon as you get on the road to go out to see. It's going to be a full day to do.

The island itself is volcanic obviously, and all of the islands of Hawaii are made from Volcanoes. The distinction of this island and all the others is that this one is an active volcano or series of Volcanoes here on The Big Island. They're currently active, they are not dormant they, they are not extinct. If you're looking to find lava and volcanic activity in Hawaii, The Big Island is where you're going to go.

It's made up of two large mountains. One that is here, wish you could see a little bit more in relief but this is Mauna Kea, and then you got down here Mauna Loa. They're both enormous, they're the largest by far of the islands that we have in terms of height. They go up 13,000 feet plus. Mauna Kea is higher than Mauna Loa about 350 feet higher. Then you have these giant mountains that just can be seen from the horizon from far away. From Maui, you can look over and you can see these giant mountains, but also on the coastline or more on the coast off the side of Mauna Loa. You're going to see Kilauea Volcano. That is really the area where we get the largest amount of volcanic activity at this point in time. It's actually going off since the mid-70s and a continuous basis. Every day some lava would be emitted, it will go down and streams and ends up pouring into the ocean. It is a site to behold, it's not every day that as spectacular as the day before it usually these things go in spurts. Sometimes it's just really going off, other times just moderate but it's kind of always happening. If you were to take a Helicopter or an Air Tour over The Big Island, you would see that there are areas throughout the entire island where you see lava flows on top of lava flows and you can easily see the distinction between them like this one is on 1902, this one 1814, and here's one on 1837, and you can see the different discolorations where they actually stopped and far they have decomposed and so one, from different colors and different shades.

The entire island is made up of this lava, but much of the new lava as you can see is happening over here. This is the island that we have to work with in terms of activities. If you were saying that, what is the most important thing that is happening there that is unique that you couldn't find anywhere else would have to be.

Everyone should probably consider going to Hawaii to make sure that you can get over to this area, one way or another to see the Volcanic Activity because it's something you would probably not able to see in your lifetime anyplace else, and it's so convenient to see it here because the volcanoes that we have oozes out, they do not explode and they are a little bit safer in that regard. You actually get fairly close to these lava flows and see them. It's something that is not used to seeing in your regular life probably. The volcanic activity is something that you wanted to make sure that you can get to. You can do this on your own, you can take a Rental Car or something like that, and go over to see it but there's also many tours that we have. The advantage of course of taking the tours is you have a little bit of somebody that's explaining a lot of things that you probably wouldn't be aware of, taking into places that you would not now be there and sharing with you in a unique way. Anyway, big time lava.

If you're going to be a tourist if you're going to be visiting over here. There's basically two sides of the island, two major areas for tourist. One, and the most popular is going to be this side, the Kona side of the island. This is also the dry side its refer to as all of the islands in Hawaii have a windward and leeward side. So this is leeward, and it's also dry and what that means you're going to get usually less rain, more sunshine, and also you've got the giant white sand beaches that will happen along the leeward sides.

On the other side, you've got Hilo. These are going to be the tradewinds coming in this direction. You've got the wind, rain situations that are happening. Hilo is a very rainy town, but it is also very green and this entire coastline is so beautiful, and you've got waterfalls and all that sort of things. It's very beautiful to go over to the Hilo side, to the windward side and that point in time, making sure that you're going to see the Volcanoes or some aspect of what's going on over there. But if you're going to be a tourist primarily. You're going to end up in these areas, probably 95% of the people have come to the island are going to be on the Kona side. Make sure to go see the volcano, that's one thing you wanted to do for sure.

What else is important on The Big Island that really makes it unique and different? One of the answers is big time, is the sportfishing that we have here. You can sportfish on any of the Hawaiian islands. Probably the single best place that we have anywhere in Hawaii is going to be on The Big Island on the Kona coast, and it's been that way for years and years. Part of the reasoning for that has to do the fact, that this coastline has a huge drop off that occurs here that goes down thousands of feet right away. It lures the bigger fish, this is the home of the Pacific Blue Marlin, it's over a thousand pounds. This is where you're going to get it. It's just been known as a place for Sportfishing for years and for years, and we've got in Honok?hau, one of the areas that we have all the harbor and all the fishing boats. There's more of you can find any other islands obviously because it's such good fishing there. One of the things that are going to need about that is you got a lot of boats that go out, and because we have so many boats over there. They're very competitive and the pricing could be reasonable in comparison to other places. This is the spot that you wanted to do some sports fishing. If you have the opportunity to pick between islands and if that's what you want, Sportfishing on The Big Island is where it's happening.

It also goes with the idea of Snorkeling in general, just getting in the water and seeing things is really fantastic on The Big Island, there's a lot of fish, lots of other things that are going on there too, coral formations, we've got down by Captain Cook, Kealakekua Bay. This is a beautiful place to go to snorkeling, we have a number of boats that go out there, and Kayaks too. There are lots of areas that we've got like caves, and cruising too. It's a beautiful place for Snorkeling.

Along with that, talking about ocean activities in such. One of the things that are really well that this coastline is well-known for is it's Dolphins and it's Manta Rays. In fact, you cannot only see Dolphins which is everybody seems to have an interest in, but you can actually get into the water and swim with them, that's a real treat. People lined up for this, try to organize trips to see these Dolphins in the wild it's not in captivity, it's the real deal and they're really respectful for the Dolphins, basically set themselves up in a place that they know they're going to cruise through you. You can really get close to them, they usually tend to be curious and the idea is not to get in their way. Just let them continue with their lifestyle and pass right through you, but it is an amazing thing.

The other thing that we have in the evenings, we have the Manta Rays usually at sunset. Where we have the big lights and they attract the Mantas. This is the only place you're going to find that.

These are unique activities that are wonderful to do that you're going to find on The Island of Hawaii.

Up here in Hawaii, we have the very first place we ever had the ATVs on the island, so you can bet that's going to be a great place to enjoy getting out into the hinterland and doing some off-roading.

This entire coastline in the back. We don't have anything on this side on the western side, but on the Hilo side is where we have a preponderance of Zip Lines. It's really some of the coolest Zip Lines you'll find in the State. Some really long ones and giant waterfalls that you will near or kind of go over valleys with the streams and beautiful views of the ocean and so on, that's really something that. We have these on other islands and their great on other islands too, and I mentioned that because there are some incredibly beautiful ones that are here.

Keep in mind that all the other activities that you couldn't do on other islands are many of them, you can be doing here as well. Luaus, Diving and all sorts of other things but the activities that I've mentioned are really ones that are unique to this island. If you're really have an interest in doing any of these stuff, you want to do it on The Big Island.