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Surfing on the Big Island of Hawaii is a way of life and Big Island Surf Schools are here to teach you how to get in on all the fun. Everywhere you go you can see surfers riding the breakers as though they never had a care in the world. Children that grow up here learn how to surf as soon as they learn how to swim and the art of surfing often remains a passion throughout their whole life. Hawaii after all was the birthplace of modern surfing and as such it holds a special place in the minds and hearts of those who live here.

You too can learn to surf by spending a fun couple of hours with some Kona Surf Lessons. Many are offered at discount pricing.

You too can learn how to surf on the Big Island and some of the very best places to learn are along the Kona shoreline which is blessed with an abundance of ride able surf and there are places that have consistently good swells just perfect to learn on.

  • Kona surf lessons are usually just two hours in length with the first half hour or so spent on the sand doing some dry land maneuvers and learning technique.
  • Next step is the actual ocean itself and you will be amazed how the capable surf instructors at the Big Island Surf Schools will be able to have you up and riding waves often on the first or second attempt.
  • Once you're up, you're hooked. 
  • Surfing gets into your blood faster than an I.V. drip and you'll in all likelihood exhaust yourself with the sheer pleasure of the event by the time your lesson is over.
  • Most surfing companies will allow you to rent a board for hours afterward if you have the desire to continue on.

Stand Up Paddling is another skill taught by Big Island Surf Schools

In addition to surfing in the traditional sense on the Big Island of Hawaii, you can also enjoy a stand-up-paddle lesson on a stand-up-paddle board.

  • Stand up paddling is done on a much larger board than you would surf waves on. 
  • You actually stand up on these boards and paddle as if you were paddling a Kayak but from a standing position.
  • Stand up paddling is usually done in calm water without waves and early mornings are often the very best times. 
  • These tours provide you with a great body workout and it is said that they really work your body core.
  • These surfing tours have become so popular in the last couple of years as to become a surfing phenomenon here on the Big Island.

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Kona surf lessons are within easy reach by a taxi cab from the Kona Pier. These tours are generally available on the Wednesday when you dock in Kona.

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Ocean Safaris Adventures

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Kayak and Whale Watch, Kayak Adventures, Kayak and Whale Watch, Stand Up Paddle Classes, Watching Do

If you think you might enjoy the adventure of an ocean kayak experience, Ocean Safari Kayak Adventures me be just the ticket for you. Established in 1994, the pristine Kona coastline has been the 'water world' playground of this popular kayak company which has hosted thousands of kayak enthusiasts. A variety of fish, dolphins, beautiful reefs and possibly even cliff diving can all play a part in these exciting kayak adventures.
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Kona Town Surf Adventures

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Surf Activities on Big Island

Learn to surf Kona side of the Big Island of Hawaii.
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Video Transcript

Okay. Surfing, the sport of kings. This is where surfing started, in Hawaii and this is probably where you should begin your surfing career. If you've never surfed before we have some great places on the big island of Hawaii that you could learn to surf or better yet your kids can learn because they're the ones that can really pick it up. Once they do, once they ride a wave they're kind of into it for life. You can really get your kids started off, while you're on vacation, just learning to surf and they can get up within the first surf lesson. Sometimes within the first or second or third wave they try they're up and they're gone and once that happens they're a surfer for life.

This is really simple. These are like two hour lessons. You meet at a surf location and usually there's some dry land training with a surfboard on the ground and you practice on how to get up and all the things that the instructors tell you. Then, you gradually make your way out into the water. These are at locations that have excellent surf conditions for beginners. It's every surf break that's a good one, but the places that they take you are. It's important to have consistent waves and kind of the right size waves and that's where we take you. You go out and practice a little bit and instructors are encouraging you on and telling you what not to do. Then, you're just off, you're on the wave and you're going.

The group lesson is probably the most popular because it's less expensive. You may have a group of six people that are learning at the same time. If you want a bit more personalized, you can have a semi-private lesson, which would maybe a couple people, so you're getting a lot more attention or you can have a private lesson. Now, you've really got the attention of the instructor. All he's doing is assisting you. These are a fun thing to do. It doesn't require a big part of your day, but something that is really a lot of fun and especially if you've got kids. Surfing is something that you should think about doing while you're on the big island.

Another form of surfing that we have, or not surfing really, but stand up paddling on a oversized surfboard. This is something that you can get lessons with as well on the big island. I'm sure you've probably seen these. We have these big, giant, wide, wide boards that are really long and suitable to stand up on and then you've got a paddle, so you're standing up and you're paddling.

This is kind of a neat thing to do for a number of reasons. Just the vantage point. You want to do this in water that's basically calm, maybe water that you'd want to snorkel in. Well, you'd be surprised as you're cruising over the waves how just the height of you standing up you can actually see right down into the water, you can see the coral formations, you can see fish, see what's going on. You get kind of that marine experience that's happening, but at the same time you're getting a physical workout, really a physical workout. It doesn't seem like it's that big a deal, but as you're going along it works your core muscles really well and people that do this on a daily basis end up really trim and fit. Anyway, it takes just a little bit of explanation to teach you how to get up and so on. They go through that and then you spend the rest of the time out there on your own cruising and paddling on your stand up paddle.

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Hawaii surf schools offer surf lessons in Hawaii, Maui, Oahu and Kauai. The popularity of these schools is becoming even greater with every passing year as new surf schools open up and older surf schools expand to include more products.

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There are many great waves suitable for teaching beginners on Kauai.

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Oahu is a great place to learn to surf. We have many surf schools, and you could be riding a wave on the same day.

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Hawaii is the home of surfing. Maui has some great surf spots and great surf instructors. Great of kids!

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