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Big Island Submarine And Glassbottom Boat Tours

The Kona Submarine Tour will be a highlight of your stay on the Big Island.

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Kona Submarine Tours and Big Island Glassbottom Boat Tours

The Kona Submarine Tours are one of the amazing activities available to you in Hawaii.  Atlantis Submarine Cruises operates the Big Island Submarine Tours and will take you on one of their 5 million dollar underwater viewing vessels to depths of over 100 feet and stay submerged for approximately 40 minutes! This is not your typical glass bottom boat ride, as this Big Island submarine tour actually submerges to the ocean floor.

Your Big Island Submarine Tour

  • Large window ports are located at every seat of this Kona submarine tour, the cabin is fully air-conditioned with lots of ventilation and the underwater viewing of Hawaii tropical fish is spectacular.  You will see the fish from the vantage point of this Big Island submarine tour that would be unavailable to you through other means.  Even Scuba divers would have difficulty submerging to this depth and staying down for this length of time.
  • As you descend deeper you will notice the colors inside the submarine cabin changing as the light is filtered from the water above.  
  • As you descend deeper you will notice the colors inside the submarine cabin changing as the light is filtered from the water above. 
  • Once at the sea floor you'll be immersed in the world of the fish and the underwater sea life.  
  • This Big Island of Hawaii submarine tour is highly educational and is recommended for children, however they must be over the height of 3 ft tall.  

Big Island Glass Bottom Boat

In addition to the submarine, you could also choose to take the Glass Bottom Boat departing from Kona.  This vessel will stay at the surface of the water and you will view down through the glass bottom at the reef and fish life below.  If you have children less than 3' tall this would be a great alternative to the submarine ride.

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Tom Barefoot's Tips
  • Tom's Tips - Hawaii Submarine and Glass Bottom Boats

    The Hawaii submarine ride is awesome. It just seems so 'space age' and cool. Sure subs have been around a good century and longer (actually the first American military submarine was used in 1776 during the Revolutionary War) but it is only a relatively recent phenomenon that these types of vessels, with an abundance of viewing ports, could be used in a way that common everyday people could experience life underwater from inside them... read more.

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Kailua Bay Charter Company

1 Activity Option

Glass-Bottom Boat Tours

The Kailua Bay Charter Company is a roomy thirty six foot glass bottom boat that offers cruises to view the underwater activity from Kailua Kona on the Big Island. These trips are very affordable and last about one hour. The Kailua Bay Charter Company limits the number of passengers to 24, so everyone can be comfortable. The on board naturalist is highly trained in Hawaiian marine life and will provide information about the local sea life. The Kona coastline is packed with colorful coral and fish just waiting to be explored.
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Atlantis Adventures

6 Activity Options

Submarine tours of Hawaii.

Atlantis Adventures will provide you with an opportunity to dive in absolute comfort in a 'state of the art', window filled submarine to a depth of about 100' for about forty minutes. Very spacious and air-conditioned these vessels hold just under fifty passengers as they are taken on one of the most unique rides of their lifetime.
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Recent Reviews

Video Transcript

Well so much of the beauty that we have on the big island has to do with the waters surrounding the island, and the reefs, and the fish, and all that's going on underwater. That's why we have such a tremendous number of people that are going out snorkeling and enjoying the swims and the snorkels all throughout the coast off of Cona. That's why we have such a big diving community there as well with lots of different dives. But if you really want to do something different, we also have something available for you and that would be a submarine. This is a real submarine. This is not a glass bottom boat, it's a multi, multi million dollar vessel that is designed to submerge and go underwater down to about 100 feet or so. It takes, I think it's a maximum of, I think it's 48 passengers that could get on this vessel. You're moored out or you're taken out by a boat to the submarine, you offload onto the submarine and then the submarine cruises to a place where it goes under the water.

Where it submerges, as I say, you're gonna end up going down about 1000, 1000 that'd be great, 100 feet. Inside you have kind of a big, long center area where everybody sits kind of back to back. Your backs are against each other more or less, looking out in the direction of the portholes on either side and you've got this wonderful view outside into the ocean and seeing what is down there to be seen. You're down for about 45 minutes.

You cruise through beautiful reefs and see fish, and really just get a sense of understanding what it's like to be under the water. To me that is kind of the most important lesson you come away from this cause most people just are not ... They see pictures underwater and they sort of get that there's fish, and coral and whatever else is down there but to actually be submerged, and to be down there, and to be there for little while, and sort of acknowlinate and just get used to the fact that you're in the water, that you're under the water, that you're looking at sea life that lives in that water at that depth permanently, that's their life. You sort of kind of get in tune with that after a while, especially for young people. I think for kids it creates a little educational moment where you sort of understand the world a little bit better.

Anyway, I think it's a truly educational and fun experience to do. People often times are afraid to get in these, maybe they're claustrophobic. Usually, that doesn't turn out to be a problem. People who are really claustrophobic won't get in it at all. If you've got some kind of a "oh I'm not sure" as soon as you get in it feels roomy inside and there's lots of air rushing by so you've got lots of oxygen to breathe, you feel really comfortable. Then the other thing is that the boat is made to float basically. The engines that are on it, they push it down and if you were to lose power or something, the boat would just raise to the surface.

So, you really don't have to worry about that. We go through these problems that people have over the course of years that bring these things up about the submarines but it really is one of those experiences that everybody, when they're done with it, goes "wow, that was totally, totally different, very cool." Even people that have been in submarines, they're people that have been in the Navy probably, and submarines don't have little portholes you can look at, you really don't get a chance to see what's going on. These are very, very neat. So it's another way that you can experience the beauty of the underwater world in Cona, off the big island and you don't even have to get wet. So if you have any questions about tours or activities in Hawaii, just give us a call or check out

Looking for a submarine in Hawaii? The islands of Oahu, Maui and the Big Island all have Hawaii submarine tours, and with good reason. Hawaii is blessed with an abundance of reef and sea life and seeing it on a submarine is, for most people, the only way they will be able to get deep enough to appreciate this part of Hawaii.

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When was the last time you were on a real submarine? If that's too adventurous, how about a Glass Bottom boat.

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Check out the 'half of Maui' that's underwater. A great adventure!

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