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Big Island Scuba Diving

Big Island Scuba Diving is an underwater adventure!

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Big Island Scuba Diving

Big Island Scuba Diving is one of the most rewarding activities available in all of Hawaii. We offer many at discount pricing.

Water Conditions for Big Island Diving

The Big Island's Kona Coast in particular has been blessed with some of the calmest waters in Hawaii in both the morning and the afternoon allowing Big Island diving companies to take charters out all day long. Kona diving sites are also among the most beautiful to be found in all of Hawaii. Some of the most fantastic Big Island diving trips are the ones that take you to see the Manta Rays.

Big Island Scuba Diving for both certified and beginning divers.

  • Kona scuba diving can be provided for certified divers and beginners alike and some companies even offer special dive vacation complete with airfare and accommodations.
  • If you're not a certified diver but would like to experience a dive, we'll set you up on a 'first time' dive. No experience is necessary; you'll dive with a full tank of air on your very first day.
  • Some companies even offer a two-tank dive for beginners. You get used to the tanks and other diving apparatus during your first dive and, once comfortable in the water, your second dive provides the diving experience you are seeking. 

There is no question that Big Island Scuba Diving has come into its own

It is one of the fastest growing segments of the activities market on Hawaii and many divers are discovering the excitement and beauty of diving the Big Island.

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Torpedo Tours

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An amazing experience!

Want to have a unique diving experience, try a trip with Torpedo Tours off the coast on Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. The torpedoes are safe and easy to operate and allow you to cover much more distance than you normally could. The torpedo provides all the power to propel you in the water instead of you kicking, which means you'll be expending a lot less energy on your dive. You will likely even be able to swim along with the dolphins as they join the groups for a frolic every couple of days.
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Manta Ray Dives of Hawaii

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28' Orca with Twin Diesel engines

One of the most popular dive shops in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii is 'Manta Ray Dives of Hawaii'. Also known as Neptune Charlies, they specialize in fabulous night dives with the Manta Rays. Being a dive shop however they also have available a wide selection of dives and have dolphin and whale watches as well as snorkel tours.
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Mauna Lani Sea Adventures

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21' Power Catamaran, 50' Sailing Catamaran

The beautiful Mauna Loa Resort in Waikoloa is the departure point for all the activities provided by the Mauna Lani Sea Adventures. Pristine snorkel adventures, scuba diving trips, sunset sails and whale watching trips in season are all available. The 55' Polynesian style catamaran 'Winona' carries intimate groups of passengers on tours along this gorgeous coastline.
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Recent Reviews

Video Transcript

Diving or scuba diving on the big island. It is well known in the diving community that diving off the big island is a particularly great place to dive. Why? Well, part of the reason is that there's a ton of fish to see there. Lots of marine life. Lots of coral formations. Lots of different types of marine life. Manta Rays. You see that on the big island, off the coast. But one of the best things about diving in Kona, let's get this out of the way first. Let's just show you.

This is the big island. The diving is going to be primarily along this coastline here. Much too rough over here for regularly scheduled dives, so it's going to be off the Kona Coast from Kealakekua Bay up to Waikoloa that area. This coast line is beautiful. Lots of coral formations and lots of fish. Lots of different types of sea life as we talked about. But it is also blessed to have not only early morning conditions that are nice and flat, which make it nice for diving and getting out on the water, but generally speaking, it's got that similar types of conditions in the afternoon.

Many of the islands have trade winds that come in and make the seas rough and more difficult to get to places to dive and so on. That's not quite the same off the Kona Coast of the big island. That's another reason that divers like it here. It's really nice because it's just pleasant to get out in the water to dive.

There are many different types of dives that you can do, that you can get involved in here on the big island. If you're a beginner, we can get you on a beginning dive. This would be a one tank dive. You can actually go out and learn how to dive. Know all the things that you need to know about diving. Learn all that within a short period of time. Then go in the water and experience one full tank of air under water diving. This is on your first time. No previous experience.

This can also be done, and it's I think a superior way to do it, to do an introductory dive two tank dive. This way you're doing the first dive is very similar to the way it would under a one tank dive. You go through all the preparation and knowledge and understanding to be able to get through that one tank dive, but since you feel a little bit uncomfortable generally. Uncomfortable is maybe the wrong word. You just feel odd with the equipment on. It takes you awhile to get used to it. By the time your first dive is over you're ready to go again because now you feel "Wow I can do this." Then the second time is the dive that you had in your mind to begin with that you were wanting to experience being underwater and checking things out and enjoying it in that way, so you can do two tank introductory dives.

These can be done from the sand going in off of the beach. These can be done from boats. Many different ways to do this. Then of course we also have the certified dives. Certified dives, you need to be a certified diver. Usually these are two tank dives, and they'll end up going in different places up and down the coast. There's probably 80 or so separate snorkeling areas and diving spots that you can go to up and down this coat that are of real interest. There's lots to see. You'll never have to see the same thing twice.

But there's also lava tubes and some wrecks that you can see. There are marine preserves that we have along the coastline in places. It is just kind of a little paradise for the scuba divers that go out and enjoy the two tank dives. Get a little bit deeper, get a little more interesting dives of course when you're looking at the certified dives.

One of the other options that you have in Kona is you've got the torpedoes if you want. Some of the places will offer you the torpedoes that you can hang onto and scoot along a mile, mile and a half an hour. It kind of pulls you along. Saves energy and you can kind of cruise along at a speed and see a lot that's happening.

We also have of course the certification classes that you can get involved in and be able to get your cards that you can dive anywhere else in the world. But there are just a lot of interesting dives that you can get involved in, but the one photo I had up here first is the one thing that is really going to be different about the big island that you're not going to see in another way is the manta rays. We do have dives that go out to see the manta rays. These are evening dives. As you can see, that's a pretty amazing sight that would be really exciting to get out there and dive with these guys. Anyway, diving on the big island. If you have any questions about tours or activities in Hawaii just give us a call or check out We're here to help.

To dive in the underwater world of Hawaii is a dream most scuba divers would love to fulfill. Hawaii is of course a series of islands but truly many more than most people realize.

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There are some amazing dives off the Coast of Kauai and Niihau as well.

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There are great scuba diving sites all around Oahu. Lots of shipwrecks. We can accommodate advanced or beginner divers.

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Whether you are an experienced or first-time diver, Maui is the place for a scuba dive adventure.

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