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"The Big Island" of Hawaii Parasailing Rides

Big Island of Hawaii parasailing rides offer an exciting way to enjoy the waters off of Kona.

  • For excitement, choose the "touch and go. On the way down, instead of just reeling you onto the boat they let you linger awhile above the ocean surface - just before they dunk you. Wet, wild, and screaming at the top of your lungs, you emerge, no worse off for the refreshing plunge. Too exciting for you? Let the captain know before you go up and you'll have a safe, dry return to the boat.
  • The Hawaiian parasail ride is taken in a harness, leaving your legs free to dangle. People take a while to decide what to do with their hands. At first hands are clenched but after a few minutes they realize it makes absolutely no difference whether they're holding on or not and they begin to relax and appreciate the whole experience.
  • The parasail flight lasts about ten minutes (ten minutes up there is longer than you think) and the flights go as high as 25 to 50 stories above the surface of the ocean. This varies depending on the wind and weather conditions and on the weight of the para-sailor.

Frequently Asked Questions - Parasailing on the Big Island of Hawaii:

  • How strong are the lines that pull the parasail?

      The lines used provide an "overkill" of strength. They can withstand pressure of 10,000 pounds on each pull but the average pull rarely exceeds 800 pounds.
  • How do we land?

      Years ago in Hawaii all parasail companies landed on a floating barge that required great skill and considerable luck to land you back on. Today's Big Island Parasail boats use a winch system to real you gently back onto the platform on the back of the boat.
  • What is the price difference if you fly alone or with someone else?

      Prices are the same, regardless of whether you ride alone or with someone else.
  • Can observers travel on the boat with the parasailers?

      Yes. Assuming there is enough room on the boat not taken up by parasail flyers.
  • Is it required that you be able to swim?

      No. Life vests are worn by all participants and in the unlikely event you would end up in the water you will be able to float.
  • What is the age requirement?

      Children need to be three years old in order to parasail.
  • How about weights? Are there any weight restrictions:

      You have to be 130 lbs to fly alone. Maximum weight per flight is 450 lbs.
  • Can we take pictures of our flight?

      Yes. Someone in your party can take photos of you from the boat or you can purchase professionally taken photos of your flight from the crew.
  • Are the Parasail Flights seasonal?

    No. Unlike their sister tours on Maui, these parasail flights occur year round.

Pride of America Cruise Ship:

of Hawaii Parasail flights depart right from the pier in Kailua-Kona and cruise passengers can just walk over to the departure point. These Hawaii parasail flights are available when you arrive in Kona on the Wednesday of your cruise itinerary.

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UFO Parasail

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Parasail, Custom Speed Boats

UFO Parasail offers exciting parasail flights on both Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii. Maui tours only operate between May and early December when the whales are not visiting these waters but the Big Island is in operation year round. You will have an opportunity to fly on a parasail pulled by 800' or 1200' of line and will be in the air either 8 to 10, or 10 to 12 minutes.
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Recent Reviews

Video Transcript

Well parasailing is something that we offer on the Big Island of Hawaii all year round. I say all year round because people get a little confused sometimes because they come to Maui and it's only available during the times when we don't have the whales.

During whale season it's prohibited so it can't be done, but there's no such prohibition on the Big Island. For the areas they are in, there's no interference with the marine life.

These will be happening right out of the Kia Kona area is a spot where we do these. What you need for parasailing is really a nice, calm ocean and this fits the bill right in here. The other side of the island can be really rough and it's just not suitable for parasailing, so this is where it is.

It's an activity that seems to appeal to all ages, little kids all the way up to older people. Nothing like the thrill of getting some distance between you and the ocean with an incredible view looking back at the coastline and the mountains from that vantage point. Also kind of a thrill going at that speed being with a giant parasail behind you billowing and you just kind of feeling the rush of air against your cheek as you're zooming along.

You can do this and most frequently they're done with some other person with you. You do it in tandem. It could be done alone also if you prefer. We also have it to where it can be done in threes so three of you could actually do it together. All of this will depend somewhat upon the weights of the people involved and then also the winds that may be available at that point in time. Of course the winds will change. Sometimes there's stiffers, and there's breezes but it all depends. All those things will make the determination as to how many people can go up and so on, but the parasail people will let you know what the story is. Just kind of like if you want to go three just say this is what you want to do and then they will let you know if that can happen or not.

As far as heights, generally the heights that you go are 800 feet which is plenty high, believe me, or 1200 feet is the really longer one. Actually not high, not 800 feet high, but 800 feet of rope or 1200 feet of rope so you're actually at a probably more of 45 degree angle as you're being towed so you're probably half the distance of 800 feet or half the distance of 1200 feet above the ocean.

The way we do it nowadays on the parasails is you actually, you may have six people on a boat that will go out, a speed boat. The boat has a platform on the back and it has kind of a wench system that reels the parasail out behind it. So the person or persons that are going to be going on the parasail will climb up on the platform. They'll jump into the harness. They'll be all attached and so on and then as the boat is moving at speed, you'll be just reeled out up into the atmosphere and go for your ride. Then when you're done, you'll be reeled back in.

It is very popular and they also have the photographers that can take pictures and so on. You can bring pictures or cameras on the boat, but you won't be able to take them from the parasail itself, but others can take pictures of you just for safety reasons and such. So, parasailing on the Big Island.

If you have any questions about tours or activities in Hawaii, just give us a call or check out TomBarefoot.com. We're here to help.

Hawaii parasailing is thrilling, exciting and fun! Parasailing in Hawaii has an appeal that transcends age as it is a favorite of youngsters and surprisingly is an activity that is also enjoyed by senior citizens as well.

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Fly higher than the hotels on Waikiki Beach. What a view! What a thrill.

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Fly like a bird above the ocean with amazing views of the island.

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