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"The Big Island" of Hawaii Inter Island Tours

Special one-day inter-island tours are available for you to take from the Big Island to visit Pearl Harbor, the Polynesian Cultural Center and other areas on Oahu. Many people do not want to visit Hawaii without seeing Pearl Harbor but don't want the hassle of having to spend a couple of nights on Oahu to do so. These special tours allow you to visit Oahu and return to your Big Island Hotel in the very same day.

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  • Tom's Tips - Flights from the Big Island to Pearl Harbor

    Its not a bad idea when you come to visit the Big Island particularly if it is your first of second time, to expand your investigation of the Hawaiian Islands by taking advantage of one or more of the one-day inter island tours that are available to you. This will give you the capability of establishing your home base on the Big Island, and at the same time spread out and see what the other islands have to offer. The primary destination people have in mind will be Pearl Harbor on Oahu. .. read more.

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Aloha Sunshine Tours

5 Activity Options

Oahu Circle Isle, Polynesian Cultural Center or WWII Begin to End, Hana Tour, Volcano Tour,

If you are staying on one Hawaiian Island but would like to visit the highlights of another island in the chain then the one-day inter-island flights and tours offered by Aloha Sunshine Tours are just what you're looking for. These inclusive tours simplify your itinerary and make your touring experience 'care free'.
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Polynesian Adventure Tours

2 Activity Options

Experience the tropical beauty of the Hana Coast and visit O'heo Stream. Polynesian Adventure Tours,

One of the very largest sightseeing tour companies in all of Hawaii is Polynesian Adventure Tours. They operate a large variety of tours on all the islands as well as offer 'same day' interisland tours from your island of origin to the other islands allowing you to see an outer island without having to relocate and move to another hotel there. They operate the finest vans, mini-motor coaches and luxurious full size motor coaches with deluxe, large 'see out windows' for the very best views.
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Royal Hawaiian Limousine & Tours

4 Activity Options

Royal Hawaiian Limousine & Tours

Experience 5-star luxury cheauffer driven service in ultra luxury vehicles to USS Pearl Harbor Tours and other Oahu Highlight Sightseeing Tours. Private Tours and Shared vehicle Day tours available.
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Video Transcript

So, many of the people that come to the Big Island would like to see Pearl Harbor and the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu, but they don't want to spend a day or two or three actually on Oahu. They really want to focus in primarily on seeing Pearl Harbor.

So, we have inter-island excursions where this could be done in one day, and you don't have to leave your hotel, pack up and move to another hotel, arrange all the airfare, get a rent-a-car, and do all that. You just enjoy your time on the Big Island, but also spend one day and see Pearl Harbor as well. And those are on inter-island air flights.

Basically ... just give you an idea here ... so, here's the Big Island and we have flights, commercial airline flights, that will take you all the way over past Maui County here and go to Oahu. And when you get to Oahu, they will ... you're going to fly into the Honolulu Airport. You'll be met there by some tour representatives who will then take you over to Pearl Harbor and give you an opportunity to see the Arizona, and the Missouri, the Bowfin ... the submarine they have there in the Aviation Museum. Also if you want, there are other tours that we have that will take you up to the Polynesian Cultural Center up here. In any event, you can spend a full day enjoying Oahu without having to spend any time here. You're flown back ... or actually, to get a hotel here. They fly you back, you're back at your hotel room that night on the Big Island.

These need to be organized in advance, and they are a couple of peculiarities about this that you need to know. We need to know, because of all the security that happens nowadays, we need to ... you need to have an ID; we need to know your exact name - first, middle, and last name - that would appear on your ID. So, we need to get that information. Also, your date of birth. So that's not all that difficult.

But because there's regularly scheduled airlines that are involved with this, it's the airline ticket, plus it's the tour ticket when you get there. These tours are such that ... there's nothing else that we have that I can think of that we represent in Hawaii with hundreds and hundreds of tours, but these are non-refundable. So you want to make sure that this is the tour that you want before you sign up for it, and realize that if you don't make it for whatever reason, there's no refunds involved.

So other than that, these actually make it very affordable to go over and see Pearl Harbor and spend a day there; much less than it would cost you to uproot yourself, get a hotel, get a car, and all that's necessary when you change to a different island. So, inter-island air tours, we do have them from the Big Island over to Oahu.

So if you have any questions about tours or activities in Hawaii, just give us a call or check out tombarefoot.com.

If you've realized that you made your hotel accommodations on a different island from something you wanted to see don't fret. We can arrange for a variety of different one day tours that will get you over to see what you want to see for the day and then bring you back.

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Take a 1-day flight to see Pearl Harbor, the Polynesian Cultural Center or the Big Island Volcanoes.

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Visit the Hana Coast on Maui, the volcanoes of the Big Island, the Waimea Canyon on Kauai or Father Damien's Leper Colony on Molokai, and return on the same day.

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Take a 1-day tour to Pearl Harbor, the Hawaii Volcanoes or Molokai and return to Maui that night.

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