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Oahu Parasailing Rides

'Parasailing Oahu' flights are your direct connection to fun, thrills and excitement!

Parasailing is a sport which makes use of a parachute being pulled by a speed boat. The parachutist is floated via a 400' to 800' pull rope and rises to heights of 400' to 500' above the ocean surface. Everything is controlled by the boat driver and the passenger is virtually along for the ride. Waikiki parasailing had its debut in Oahu about 25 years ago and has become one of the most visual of sports operating off the coast of Honolulu and Waikiki. Many of the parasail choices can be found here at discount pricing.

What you need to know about 'Parasailing Oahu' flights.

  • Unlike Maui, where the parasailing is limited to the summer season when the whales are not visiting, Oahu parasailing happens all year round.
  • Parasailers can either fly by themselves or be accompanied by another person and seated in tandem.
  • Take-offs and landings are from the back of the parasail boat which makes use of a winch system to reel the parasail up into the Oahu sky.
  • For that extra touch of excitement, you can choose the Oahu parasail version of "touch and go." On the way down they let you hover a while above the ocean surface - just before they dunk you. Wet, wild, and screaming to the heavens, you emerge no worse off for the refreshing dip. If this is too exciting for you..... Let the captain know you'd prefer not to get wet and you'll return safe and dry to your Oahu parasailing boat.
  • You can ride your parasail all by yourself, or you can go up in what we call a "tandem" ride, on the same parasail with a friend.
  • Oahu parasail rides use a harness, leaving your arms and legs free to dangle out in space. Most people will take some time to decide what to do with their hands. At first their hands may be clenched to anything they can grab but after a few minutes they realize it makes zero difference whether they're holding on to anything or not and they begin to relax and appreciate the whole parasailing experience.
  • Oahu parasail flights vary between 5 and 10 minutes in length and fly at a height of between 25 and 50 stories high.
  • The height of your parasail flight may depend upon your individual or combined weights and the wind and weather conditions at the time.

Some additional considerations regarding Waikiki parasailing:

  • June and July are usually the busiest months for parasailing and the Honolulu skyline is always filled with the graceful movement of the colorful chutes off the coast. Please book early because flight times can book up well in advance.
  • Children are the same pricing as adults.
  • "Observers" who want to go out on the boat only without parasailing, can ride for a reduced rate assuming there is available room on the boat.
  • Don't deceive yourself regarding the power of the midday sun. Sunscreen is a must if you have a mid-day parasail flight as you can be out on the water for an hour or more and there are not many shaded areas on a parasailing boat.

Checkout Tom's Tips and Insights about Oahu Parasailing Rides

Tom Barefoot's Tips
  • Tom's Tips - Parasailing Oahu

    Parasailing in Oahu is very, very fun.  It's a fairly short activity taking no more than about an hour and a half of your time in total so you can squeeze it in anywhere that make sense into your vacation day.  Yes you are going to think it is fun, but trust me, if you are bringing children with you who are 4 or 5 years old and above, they are really going to think it is fun.  From anywhere in Waikiki you will be able to glance out at the ocean and see the endless parade of colorful parasail shoots going up and down the shoreline, and these images are like magnets to your children.  They will hound you relentlessly to take them flying, and in all honesty, you'll be glad you did because they will have such fun and talk about it for days afterwards.  Believe me, I know personally because my son did the same thing and every year we had to go up at least one time in the summer.  It is a great family activity.

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X-Treme Jet Ski & Parasail

2 Activity Options

X-Treme Jet Ski & Parasail

X-Treme Jet Ski and Parasail obviously offers both jet skiing and parasailing tours off the coastline of Waikiki and Honolulu. These are two of the most fun, and most active activities available to you on your holiday here. You can choose to take each one separately or if you wish, you can arrange for a package that will include them both.
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Hawaiian Parasail

1 Activity Option


Waikiki just wouldn't seem like Waikiki without parasail's floating by throughout the day. The parasail experience has become an intrinsic component of the fabric of the Waikiki skyline and is simply one of the fun things you need to do when you're in Waikiki. Hawaiian Parasail is one of the original companies to offer these rides and they are offered at heights of 300' to 1000'.
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Sea Breeze Water Sports

1 Activity Option

Sea Breeze Water Sports

Sea Breeze Watersports offers awesome family playthings and fun activities on beautiful and calm Maunalua Bay.
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Video Transcript

So parasailing is one of the staple activities that we have here in Hawaii, found on almost all of the main islands with the exception of Kauai; so Oahu, Maui, Big Island, you're going to find them.

On Oahu, we obviously have parasailing, and it's all year long. And the reason I say that, it's also true on the Big Island that it's all year wrong, but on Maui it's only during whale season there's ordinances against parasailing so it doesn't happen then, but people often get confused and think that that's true of other islands as well. On Oahu, this is a year-round event.

It's one of the more Popular Activities that we have. Especially kids love to do it, and I think that's part of why it gets so much busier in the summertime when the kids are out of school. And these guys are just, like, pumping full speed all day, and that's a good reason to book early if you know that you're going to be doing parasailing, so that we can organize it, make sure that you get on on the day that you want, on the time that you want to do it, because they do get busy.

So the way they're done here and, really, the rest of the islands, is very ... they're all very similar. Different than it used to be years ago, when we used to actually try to land, and take off and land from the platform. But nowadays, it's all taken ... everybody goes off from a boat. So we've got a speedboat that's got a platform on the back. There is a little wind system that we have on the back of the boat. You'll launch from the back, you'll stand there, you'll ... they'll harness you all up and get you ready. They'll be doing this as they're moving along, so the parasail will kind of be out there some distance behind you, kind of fully inflated. And then at the appropriate time, they're going to just reel you out, and the boat's going to be going in this direction and you're just being reeled off, and you'll go up to height.

This is an activity that can be done individually, solo, one person, or a lot of fun to go with a couple of people. So you can go with a friend and do that for a period of time.

There's also a number of heights that you could go up, and they all vary with the different companies. So you can choose to go way out there, or can be a little bit more reserved. And the time that you're out there is going to vary as well, but you can count on somewhere in the neighborhood of about ten minutes. And it is really a beautiful experience. You're really high, particularly cruising along the Waikiki coastline and seeing the mountains behind all of the big hotels and the beaches, and all the activity of all the boats below you. And occasionally, right time of year, you can see whales and that sort of thing. But it really is an amazing perspective.

It is one of the most Popular Activities that we have, particularly if you've got children, so make sure you think about booking in advance if you're interested in doing it.

So if you have any questions about Tours or Activities in Hawaii, just give us a call, or check out tom-barefoot-dot-com. We're here to help.

Hawaii parasailing is thrilling, exciting and fun! Parasailing in Hawaii has an appeal that transcends age as it is a favorite of youngsters and surprisingly is an activity that is also enjoyed by senior citizens as well.

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Fly like a bird above the ocean with amazing views of the island.

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The calm waters off the Kona Coast make the perfect spot to take a parasail ride.

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