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Our - Horseback Riding Oahu - page makes it very easy for you to discern the various Oahu horseback riding tours available to you on the island. People who gravitate toward horseback riding on their vacations will instantly appreciate the quality of the tours available here. First off, all of them are located away from the cities and are found in beautiful rural areas, primarily on the North Shore but also at Kualoa Ranch on the eastern coast. And they are as varied as they are beautiful. One rides alongside the ocean at a famous Hawaii polo field, one rides through a beautiful valley that is well known for the blockbuster Hollywood films that have been filmed there over the years. Another takes place on a 400 acre working cattle ranch, and yet another provides you with panoramic views of the North Shore big wave beaches from a 350 acre ranch that has a penchant to taking young children.

Horseback Riding Oahu - Options
  • Would you like to enjoy a ride beside the beach.
  • Would you like to get your first Polo Lesson
  • How about a private sunset ride that includes a campfire dinner.
  • Are you an experienced rider and would like a ride to suit your advanced abilities.
  • Do you have small children (6 years old and up) who would love to take their first horseback ride.
  • How about riding in a valley so beautiful that it has been the back drop of many of the famous blockbuster movies you have seen over the years.
  • How about a 350 acre private ranch overlooking the Waimea Valley on the islands's North Shore.
  • Perhaps a 400 acre working cattle ranch on the North Shore offering a number of options for rides.
  • Take a private 'sweet heart ride' with just you and your favorite person on the North Shore.
Yes, that's right, your are in 'horseback heaven' on the island of Oahu and many of these horseback rides we offer are available at discount pricing.

You will need a car or other form of transportation to get to your Oahu Horseback Riding Tour.

Each and every one of the Oahu horseback Riding Tours are located in what is referred to by the locals as 'the country'. This means that they are quite a distance from the hotels and hub-bub of activity in Waikiki and Honolulu. Because you will either be headed out to the North or East shores of the island you may want to dovetail your ride with some sightseeing of these areas or perhaps with another activity located near by. Most people don't appreciate that Oahu has many remote and less populated areas that are extremely beautiful and these ranches offering horseback rides reveal the spaciousness and allure of these locations.

These are the various Oahu Horseback Riding Stable options:

  • Hawaii Polo Oceanfront Trail Rides.

    The Mokuleia Polo Field is famous on the North Shore for its international polo matches, its magnificent oceanfront location and its wonderful trail rides. Rides are available for any level of rider and if you are an advanced rider you can be specially accommodated with beachfront trotting and cantering. Walking rides along the ocean are offered as well and children 8 years and up can be accommodated.
  • Kualoa Ranch.

    This is one of the very most well known ranches anywhere in Hawaii. Just about 45 minutes from Waikiki it is one of the most beautiful locations on the planet. The valley this ranch is located in is a well known Hollywood filming location. Both 1 and 2 hour tours are available with the difference being that you get deeper into the valley on the longer tour.
  • Gunstock Ranch.

    This ranch is also located on the North Shore but closer to the north-eastern side of the island very close to the Polynesian Cultural Center. Many people couple their rides here with a visit to the Center as well. Every level of skill can be accommodated at the ranch and private rides can be arranged such as their famous 'sweetheart ride' designed just for the two of you.
  • Happy Trails Hawaii.

    This 350 acre ranch with views of the gorgeous Waimea Valley provide a very sweet 1.5 or 2 hour ride for riders 6 years and up. These easy going trail rides are usually a big hit with the kids.

Checkout Tom's Tips and Insights about Oahu Horseback Riding Tours

Tom Barefoot's Tips
  • Tom's Tips - Oahu Horseback Riding

    Here's a great tip if you have children. Of course, all your kids want to ride a horse but so many of the horseback rides in Hawaii are not necessarily suited for children, especially the younger ones. One of our wonderful horseback riding stables on Oahu, 'Happy Trails', doesn't necessarily specialize in children's rides, but they certainly accommodate them in a big way down to a minimum of 6 years old. In fact at the age of 6 and above they will be able to actually ride on their own horse. This is a great opportunity for a family excursion and of course horseback riding instruction is given on all the rides. This makes for a perfect day and one your children will always remember (especially if its their first time on a horse).

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Gunstock Ranch

7 Activity Options

Horseback Rides

Private and Group horseback riding and UTV adventures at the incredible ranch on Oahu's North Shore
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Hawaii Polo Oceanfront Trail Rides

4 Activity Options

Oceanfront trail rides

Hawaii Polo Oceanfront Trail Rides One of the most beautiful rides offered on Oahu are those offered at the Mokuleia Polo Field on the North Shore of Oahu. These rides involve a bit of riding through the woods with a bit of riding along the ocean and they are suitable for any level of rider.
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Kualoa Ranch

3 Activity Options

ATV Tours, Horseback Rides, Activity Club and Secret Island, Great Family Entertainment

Kualoa Ranch is located in one of the most beautiful and historically significant valleys in all of Hawaii. This picturesque location is the home of numerous activities including horseback riding, ATV rides, and a number of culturally based offerings including a Hawaiian fishing and garden tour, a jungle expedition, an ocean voyaging and navigation tour, a history of Kualoa tour and a movie tour which will take you to all the places famous movies were filmed in the valley.
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Happy Trails Hawaii

2 Activity Options

Trail Rides on Horseback

It's a cinch that you'll probably want to visit the beaches and see the waves on Oahu's North Shore while you're visiting the island and you might want to take that opportunity to do your horseback ride at the nearby 350 acre ranch called Happy Trails. This is a ranch that is equally suited to take beginner or experienced riders and they will even take children as young as six years of age.
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Recent Reviews

Video Transcript

Well, this video segment is going to be about horseback riding on the island of Oahu.

So Oahu, just like the other Hawaiian islands is steeped in the history of the Hawaiian cowboy, the Paniolo, the men who took care of the cattle on the cattle ranches throughout all the Hawaiian islands. And it's really deep into the culture of Oahu. You'll see that the local inhabitants and the people who live there have regularly scheduled rodeo events and all sorts of competitions regarding horseback riding. There is a number of different rodeo events that will happen throughout the year; some for high schools, some for off island groups that come in for various events on different occasions. You've got the bull riding. You've got the roping of all kinds, the barrel racing and all this that goes on on a regular basis, scheduled throughout the year on Oahu. So there is a big culture in general of horseback riding that happens on Oahu.

Now, if you're visiting on Oahu and you're interested in horseback riding there's a number of opportunities that you've got to do such. The island of Oahu. You as a visitor, primarily will be staying in the Waikiki, Honolulu area down here. This is kind of the zone that you'll find yourself in, most people. But the ranches that we have, the places you'll be going doing horseback are more up in this area, kind of on the northern shoreline.

We have a number of different ranches that all have different aspects about them that make them really very different and very beautiful for different reasons. We have them up overlooking the Waimea Valley, forested areas up there, beautiful views, tours that can take smaller children, like five years old and over. So it's a little bit ... Some of them are somewhat smaller, shorter rides, a little bit more docile in some ways but perfect for a person who just wants to get out and be on a horse and ride through the jungle, especially if you've got children you want to bring.

We also have tours that, horseback rides that parallel the beach up on the northern shores and these are particularly beautiful at sunset time and it's one of the few opportunities you can get actually near a beach to ride along on any of the shores of Hawaii. And so that's a popular choice. People love it.

We have areas along this coastline, one beautiful ranch that's out there that a number of different rides happen that can kind of be tailored for different riding levels, different experience levels and also for different occasions. We had a guy a couple years ago I remember. On the phone he was interested, wanting to propose to his girlfriend someplace. That was kind of ... that would be neat. They did have an affinity, the two of them, for horses and it was like yeah, maybe that would be kind of a neat idea to do something on horseback and ended up up at this ranch, had a situation where we had just the two of them go out on a ride with someone who was going to be with them and kind of led them up through the ranch to one beautiful overlook and then the guy disappeared.

Hawaii Horseback riding is a much more popular category of tours than you might expect. When looking over the state as a whole the category of horseback riding in Hawaii registers over twenty separate and distinct horseback riding companies.

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Take a horseback ride to a waterfall, a ride next to the beach or ride on the North Shore ranch lands.

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Maui has numerous Horseback Riding Stables on many parts of the island.

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The Big Island is known for its cowboy 'paniolo' culture.  Some of the best horseback rides in Hawaii are found on the Big Island. 

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