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This 'Helicopter Tours Oahu' page will assist you in finding the very best way to see Oahu, and that is by viewing it from the air.

The extreme beauty that can be seen on Oahu helicopter tours is often overlooked by visitors staying in Waikiki who think of the island as simply being made up of large cities.  This is far from the truth. Much of Oahu's interior can only be visited from the air and is as remote as many places found on the outer islands such as Maui, Kauai and the Big Island.

The famous North Shore beaches and rugged mountain interior have actually been used as the backdrop for many movie spectacles you have come to know over the years because of the outrageous scenery. Jurassic Park, King Kong, Mighty Joe Young, Blue Hawaii and Raiders of the lost Arc are a few that come to mind. Regardless of the beauty of the country regions of Oahu, the more populated areas of the island are also a spectacle in their own right and it is an education to see how these more populated regions have been incorporated into the rugged terrain and topography of the island. Pearl Harbor is also of great interest and on the circle island flights you can actually witness the flight path that was taken by the Japanese in their attack on Pearl Harbor that started World War ll.

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Oahu Helicopter Tours. A few options:

  • Oahu Helicopter Tours of the Southern Coasts

    There are a variety of helicopter flights that will fly over the 'city' portion of the island and the southern shores. These will include fantastic views of Honolulu, Waikiki, Diamond Head Crater, Hanauma Bay, Koko Head, Makapuu Point Lighthouse, Kailua Beach, Chinaman's Hat, Kaneohe Bay and Pearl Harbor. Various versions of these tours will take you up at sunset as well as daytime departures and are also available during the fireworks displays often occurring in Honolulu on Friday evenings.
  • Helicopter Tours of Oahu North Shore

    These short North Shore helicopter tours will fly over some of the most famous surfing beaches in the world including Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach and the Banzai Pipeline. If you are visiting in the winter months you may have an opportunity to see some of the monster surf and international competition that happens on this shoreline. The departure point for many of these tours is actually from the North Shore itself so you will have an opportunity to make the drive to the 'country' and see these beaches up close and personal for yourself.
  • Circle Island Flights

    These flights are considered the very best that Oahu has to offer because they allow you to see all the different spots on the island. Departures for these flights generally happen from Honolulu and even Ko'Olina.

What types of helicopters are available to you on Oahu?

Depending upon which part of the island you depart from and the specific company you choose to fly with, here are the types of aircraft that are used for sightseeing on the island.

  • The A-Star is generally considered the "gold standard" for helicopter tours on Oahu. No matter where you sit you'll have 180-degree visibility. The rotor shaft does not come between the front and back seats and there are no visual impediments interrupting your view forward. The back seat is raised to give a better view above the seats in front and there is an abundance of windows.
  • The Eco-Star or Whisper-Star is actually the enhanced version of the A-Star and is generally considered the "Cadillac" of the touring helicopters. These helicopters are wider allowing for all bucket seats for more comfort. They have about 20% more viewing capacity through the larger windows and they produce less noise as heard from the outside.
  • The Hughes 500 is small, fast and maneuverable. It seats only 4 passengers so each person is guaranteed a window seat. It is often also flown with "doors off" for spectacular photos.
  • The Bell Jet 407 is often referred to as the limousine helicopter because of its unique seating arrangement. One client sits up front with the pilot, three clients sit in the rear facing forward and two passengers sit in the rear facing backwards.
  • R44 Helicopter with doors on or doors off.

Choose a 'doors off' helicopter flight for the best possible photography.

Yes, it might seem a bit scary to be strapped in next to 'thin air' but these flights are a 'rush'. The Oahu helicopter tours that offer a doors off option are simply the very best flights for aerial photographers. Nothing is in the way between you and your subject.

Checkout Tom's Tips and Insights about Oahu Helicopter Tours

Tom Barefoot's Tips
  • Tom's Tips - Oahu Helicopter Tours

    Let's face it, Helicopter tours are expensive.  If you can save any money on a flight, that's a good thing.  One way you can do that on Oahu is by focusing in on the sites that are most important to you.  For many, a view of the North Shore and in particular the famous big wave surfing beaches like Waimea Bay, Banzai Pipeline and Sunset Beach fit on the short list of sites they would want to see from the air.  These beaches are on the other side of the island from the main heliport area in Honolulu and in order to see them you essentially need to take a flight that circles the island.  If however you take advantage of the small heliport located in Turtle Bay, which is already on the North Shore, you will be better off.  You can take a much shorter, and consequently much less expensive flight, that will take you over parts of the beautiful North Shore and these amazing beaches.  As a bonus, if you do this in the winter months you might be able to see some mammoth waves as well.

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Aloha Sunshine Tours

1 Activity Option

Oahu Circle Isle, Polynesian Cultural Center or WWII Begin to End, Hana Tour, Volcano Tour,

If you are staying on one Hawaiian Island but would like to visit the highlights of another island in the chain then the one-day inter-island flights and tours offered by Aloha Sunshine Tours are just what you're looking for. These inclusive tours simplify your itinerary and make your touring experience 'care free'.
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(5 Reviews, 4.6 Stars)

Magnum Helicopters

4 Activity Options

Scenic Magnum Doors Off Helicopter Adventure on Oahu

Magnum Helicopters offers the Doors Off Adventure 50 Minutes Tour in the helicopter used in the Magnum P.I. television series.
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Paradise Helicopters

1 Activity Option

Scenic Helicopter Tours of Oahu, Pearl Harbor Flights, Door's Off Adventure Tours

Paradise Helicopters is one of the premier helicopter touring companies that services both the Big Island and Oahu. One of the biggest differences between this company and many others is the fact that they will offer you the opportunity to take a flight with the doors off. As nerve racking as that may sound, you are completely strapped in an just a secure as you would be in an enclosed helicopter. The big difference is that your view from this perspective will be absolutely amazing.
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Polynesian Adventure Tours

2 Activity Options

Experience the tropical beauty of the Hana Coast and visit O'heo Stream. Polynesian Adventure Tours,

One of the very largest sightseeing tour companies in all of Hawaii is Polynesian Adventure Tours. They operate a large variety of tours on all the islands as well as offer 'same day' interisland tours from your island of origin to the other islands allowing you to see an outer island without having to relocate and move to another hotel there. They operate the finest vans, mini-motor coaches and luxurious full size motor coaches with deluxe, large 'see out windows' for the very best views.
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Mauna Loa Helicopters

2 Activity Options

Book a flight with Mauna Loa Helicopters

Mauna Loa Helicopters flies the Robinson R44 Helicopters. These machines have a smaller capacity than their competitors which enables them to offer more customized tours.
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Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

7 Activity Options

Astar and luxury Ecostar Helicopters both provide spectacular Group and Private charter tours

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters offers spectacular Group or Private Charter helicopter tours on Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Big Island of Hawaii. Eco-Star and A-Star Helicopters are available for privates from all locations and the Maui and Hilo tours.
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Novictor Helicopters

7 Activity Options

Oahu Hawaii Robinson R44 Helicopter Tours

Guests enjoy their choice of premium Helicopter flight experiences aboard a Robinson R-44 helicopter including Daytime, Sunset, and Honolulu City Lights Tours. Novictor Helicopters is also available for aerial photography charters for film and advertising and offers private flight instruction.
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Recent Reviews

Video Transcript

This next video segment has to do with helicopter flights on the island of Oahu.

As with every other island in Hawaii, helicopter flights are extremely popular, and this is absolutely true on Oahu as well. People are always wanting to go up on Air Flights, particularly helicopter flights, because you can actually over, and get into certain areas, and see things. Let me up the map here of Oahu.

The island of Oahu is fairly small in comparison to other islands that we have, but it's just the perfect size for a 45-minute or an hour flight that you can do. One of the things that you need to understand about Oahu is that ... You're probably aware there's lots of people on Oahu, lots of developed area and so on, but what you might not realize is that there is so much area that is also very remote. Mountains, and valleys, and jungles and such that you would never, ever be able to see in any other way but by air, where you'll find no people, no roads, nothing. We've got, actually ... This is Waianae Range that we have here. This is the Koolaus. They're parallel mountain ranges on this island. In the interior of these ranges is where you're going to find all this remote area and beautiful, lush forests, and that sort of thing.

This is something you're going to be able to see on this helicopter flight. Now, that doesn't mean that there's not also some interest in seeing all the developed and civilized areas that we have of the island, because it's interesting to see how it has all developed. You've got Pearl Harbor, and then you've got Honolulu, and Waikiki. It's great to see the shoreline, and the beaches, and so on. This coast up here is the North Shore of Oahu, where we have all the big waves. Unbelievable to see this from the air, in a helicopter. There's a lot to be able to be seen on the island of Oahu. Even, really, this is such a densely-populated area, but Waikiki and Honolulu is fascinating to see it from there. There's a lot to see that you can enjoy on Oahu.

Now, the basic flights, we have them, that are like the 45-minute and the 60-minutes, are going to see pretty much the whole island. We've got shorter flights that you can up on. There's a whole list of what's available. The basic flight that you've got is going to be leaving from Honolulu. You're going to be flying out towards Waikiki, and Diamond Head, and around Hawaii Kai, and then Hanauma Bay, and Waimanalo, and Kailua, Kaneohe. Then heading up into the country, and this beautiful coastline that you're going to see, past Kualoa and so on. Chinaman's Hat, you go past that. Then you'll work your way around the top up here.

Then this is the coastline that is referred to as the North Shore, and this is where we have all the big wave breaks, the Waimea Bay, and Pipeline, and Sunset Beach, and all that. Then they're going to come this direction, between the two mountain ranges, as you're coming into Honolulu. One of the things that kind of gives you chicken skin as you're turning this corner and going this way is when you realize that this was the path, this was the route, between the two mountain ranges, that the Japanese came in when they bombed Pearl Harbor. You're going to be actually on that same route. You'll see Pearl down here, and you'll be thinking about, "Oh, my goodness. This is what it must have looked like at that time, December 7th 1941."

Anyway, so these are the basic flights we have. Now, as far as the types of helicopters that are used primarily on Oahu. There's basically two. One is pretty much the gold standard of helicopters in Hawaii, probably elsewhere in the world as well, and those are called the AStar helicopters. These are helicopters that are designed specifically for the purpose of sightseeing. No matter where you sit on these helicopters, you're going to have a great view. They've taken the rotator shaft out of the central part of the cockpit. We've moved it behind, so it's not anywhere in the cabin whatsoever.

The people that are sitting in front, you've got six people, six passengers, and a pilot, two passengers in the front with the pilot, and then four passengers in the back. If you're sitting in the front, obviously, you've got nobody in front of you, so that's not even an issue. It's not much of an issue either if you're in the back seat, because we've got theater seating happening on the AStars, where the seats are raised, so you're high enough that you can see over people in the front of you, and then of course you can see out the sides. Which also brings me to the point that there's tremendous amount of window space on the AStars. After all, these are designed for the purpose of being able to see really well. That's the first helicopter that we have.

The second is the Hughes 500, very, very different helicopter, four passengers, one pilot. You've got two passengers in the front, two in the back. Everybody is right at a window seat, so you're going to be able to see really, really well on any of these out your window. These are a little bit smaller, somewhat more maneuverable, kind of a fast, little, speedy helicopter. The thing that makes these really different, too, is that these are the helicopters that we often do with doors off, so you have an option, if you wanted, to have the doors off. They just pop off. You pay a little extra for it, usually.

What does that give you? Well, you're strapped in. There's really no difference in that, other than the fact that you've got nothing ... Where there used to be a door, there's nothing there. It may be a little bit challenging to begin with to be that close to nothing and looking straight down 3000 feet, but you've got an absolutely incredible view. You've got the air rushing through and all that, so it gets a little bit cooler, but it is definitely a sight to behold. Once you get used to it, you'll be in good shape. If you're a photographer, if that's the main reason that you're going up, or one of the reasons, you want to take some good photos, you just can't beat that. You've got nothing in your way impeding your view of the beautiful mountains, or the cities, or whatever it is that you're looking at.

Overall, in a nutshell, that's what we've got going on for Oahu in terms of helicopters. Questions about Tours or Activities in Hawaii, just give us a call, or check out TomBarefoot.com.

Hawaii helicopters provide perhaps the most magnificent way to see the islands. The fact that fully 75% of the islands of Hawaii can only be seen from the air makes helicopter tours of Hawaii that much more special.

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Now were talking! Hands down, this is the best way to view Kauai. Many spots are not view able except from the air.

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75% of Maui can only be seen from the air. Enjoy a flight over Haleakala, Hana, Molokai and more.

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These helicopter tours are among the most sought after in all of Hawaii.

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