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It's no wonder that each Oahu Bike Tour is popular on Oahu. On Oahu, biking is a way of life. Oahu mountain biking is all the rage and you'll find bike rentals, guided bike tours, and eco adventures throughout the island. Perhaps this is all because of the Hawaiian lifestyle, the desire for fitness and the fantastic Hawaiian weather but regardless of the reason, Oahu bike rides are a part and parcel of the fabric of life on Oahu. Many of these Oahu Bike Tours are offered at discount pricing.

Oahu Mountain Biking can be a big part of your Oahu bike tour.

Many Oahu bike rides will incorporate in their tours more than just biking.  For the full Oahu outdoor experience many tours will also include hiking, swimming in waterfalls, nature walks and even sail boat rides off Waikiki.  Since the downhill bike tours have become so popular on Maui and on Kauai there are even downhill rides on Oahu that allow you to enjoy the trip without the pedaling.  

  • You might enjoy a mountain bike trek on the windward side of Oahu. You'll find easy-to-ride dirt roads with an optional, challenging, single track providing beautiful coastal and mountain views.
  • For a special treat try combining a bit of Hiking with your bike rental tour and enjoy a wonderful day in the forested mountains directly behind your Waikiki hotel. You'll take a 5 mile downhill Oahu mountain biking ride over a paved jungle road and a 2 mile (round trip) hike along a jungle stream with mountain pools to a 200 foot waterfall.

Take one of our Oahu Bike Rides on an electric bike.

Electric biking tours take the no-pedaling aspect even a bit further at Kualoa Ranch.  Their are two-hour tours that will allow you to experience that famous valley which has been the location of so many Hollywood movie spectaculars.  These electric bikes allow you to pedal or you can make use of the electric power to assist you in motoring along the course.

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Tom Barefoot's Tips
  • Tom's Tips - Oahu Bike Tours

    Obviously there are many different bike tours available on Oahu but a personal favorite is the Kualoa-Mountain single track bike ride at the Kualoa Ranch.  This is arguably the very best way to be able to see all the beauty that exists in the valley.  Most of the tours at Kualoa will show you aspects of the valley but this single track bike ride is a 2 to 3 hour adventure that will take you up along the ridges and back into the valley and the views you have of this magnificent area, best known for all the Hollywood movies filmed here, is unparalleled.  This however is not a bike trek for everyone as it requires a bit of strength to climb up the mountain slopes and also to negotiate the somewhat technical downhill sections.  For an advanced rider looking to do some fantastic mountain biking on the most beautiful of locations and get some exercise to boot, this is probably a trip for you.  They will provide all the gear necessary in addition to picking you up at your Waikiki hotel if necessary. .. read more.

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Bike Hawaii

6 Activity Options

Bike Adventures, Mountain Bike Tours

The company 'Bike Hawaii' deals with much more than just bike rides. Over their long history they have evolved to include hiking tours and kayaking trips as well as snorkeling and sailing adventures. Common ground for all these tours is a desire to take the island visitor to out of the way places and provide an ecological perspective.
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Kualoa Ranch

1 Activity Option

ATV Tours, Horseback Rides, Activity Club and Secret Island, Great Family Entertainment

Kualoa Ranch is located in one of the most beautiful and historically significant valleys in all of Hawaii. This picturesque location is the home of numerous activities including horseback riding, ATV rides, and a number of culturally based offerings including a Hawaiian fishing and garden tour, a jungle expedition, an ocean voyaging and navigation tour, a history of Kualoa tour and a movie tour which will take you to all the places famous movies were filmed in the valley.
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Bike Tour Hawaii

5 Activity Options

Bike Tour Hawaii Experiences

Bike Tour Hawaii provides an all-inclusive healthy and fun educational experience. It's a unique way to take in paradise and create fond memories on your Hawaii vacation. Cycle 7 miles, hike 2 miles. Your experience is filled with information narration photos, and a video to share with loved ones. We care for you.
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Video Transcript

Bike riding is a way of life on Oahu. So many people ride bikes.

They ride bikes to work, to school, and so on. A lot of the populus in general just has bikes. You see them everywhere. But there are also a number of tours that we offer in Oahu that involve bikes and are really quite interesting in terms of what they do.

This particular trip shows a valley with some bikes cruising through on a single track. These are mountain bikes, and this is Kaaawa Valley, which is also where we have Kualoa Ranch. This is one of the most beautiful spots that we've got on Oahu. This is actually where they do a lot of filming of movies that you've seen for many years. A lot of spectacular movie features, but also televisions programs and that sort of thing.

This is a place that you can drive through this beautiful valley, which is quite extensive, and there's a lot of single-track activity there and dirt roads that you can go and spend quite a lot of time out there enjoying this on mountain bikes, in this case.

A little story. Years ago, Jake, my son, when he was, I don't know, maybe 10 or so, we went to a mountain bike race out there and he participated. He went through the whole thing. I didn't do it, he did. Made it all the way around, competing with all these guys on different bikes. They had age groups and so on that they were involved in. He came back with the first place medal. I guess I'm not telling any family secrets here or making anything a little bit weird, but it turned out he was the only one in his age group class, which is how it happened. He probably would have got first anyway if there was other people around. But anyway, came back with the big medal there. But he enjoyed that bike ride going way in the back of the valley along the walls, and it was very very cool.

This is a tour that can be done in a range. We've got this that happens. We also have bike tours that will take you around Honolulu, through the streets there, kind of guide you around to the palace, and there's a Chinatown and some of the local beaches that we have. You get to see downtown Honolulu and that area in a way that's difficult to see if you're just driving by on a van or a bus or even just riding around in your car. You can't really just get out and see things that easy. Really makes it nice and easy to do that on a bike.

We have tours of Honolulu that you can see on a bike. One of the really cool ones we have is a tour where they drive you, pick you up at your hotel, and then take you up to the North Shore. Let me set this up.

This'd be ... Honolulu's here and then they would take you up to the North Shore in a van, and this of course, this area right here, you've heard of all the big giant waves that happen on the beaches on the North Shore of Oahu. Sunset Beach, Pipeline, Waimmea. They're all up here in this stretch of, I don't exactly know, maybe a 10 mile stretch, maybe less than that, eight miles maybe, of ocean that goes along there.

What happens is you kind of tour your way up to the North Shore and get to see Oahu and know a little bit more about it. When they actually get to the beginning of the beaches, they will provide a bike for you and just set you on your way. So you just kind of go at your own pace and cruise along and stop at the beaches that you want and just enjoy the day. It's really country style up there. Very very different than the rest of Oahu.

You just take your time ending up in Haleiwa. There's a lunch that's provided for you there. Then they get you in the van and they take you back to your hotel.

But that's a very very neat thing to see on a bike. Once again, it's so much different seeing these beautiful places on Oahu on a bike rather than with a Car that you have to continuously keep parking and so on. Here you get to see all the beaches, kind of stop at all of them, look at them, enjoy the sand and enjoy the water and kind of have a casual day when you're up on the North Shore. Great thing to do with a bike.

We also have a few other tours. One in particular that is a fun one goes up above Honolulu. Honolulu's a big city, right? There's lots of people there and so on, but you don't realize how quickly you get away from people. Back up in the hills behind Honolulu it's really jungly and forested and gorgeous. Beautiful plants and so on. We have one tour that takes you up into that area in a van and then you're on a bike and you do a downhill. It's nothing like the Haleakal? on Maui. It's about five miles, but it's coasting all the way down through this beautiful forested area on your way back to Honolulu, and then they have a spot there that they meet you and then they will take you back to your hotel.

We also have a number of different bike companies that arrange tours that are biking and then you do some Hiking as well, so there's a number of different ways that things can be organized. Some even include water activities where you can Sail and stuff too. Hiking kind of threads or biking kind of threads through a number of the different tours that we offer.

But biking is fun on Oahu and we've got a number of tours that we can organize for you. If you have any questions about Tours or Activities in Hawaii, just give us a call or check out TomBarefoot.com.

For years Hawaii bike tours have been a main-stay of the activities available for the visitors coming to the islands. Perhaps no island provides more bike tours to visitors than the island of Maui and this is all due to the phenomenon that occurred in the early eighties with the advent of the Haleakala downhill bicycle adventures.

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Coast down the Waimea Canyon all the way to the sea.

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The famous Haleakala Downhill Bike Ride is the envy of all bike riding options in the state.

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This is an amazing way to visit the volcanic activity. The moderate pace makes these tours a cross between hiking and a sightseeing van.

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