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Molokai Tours take you back to the days of 'old Hawaii'.

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The islands of Maui, Molokai and Lanai make up Maui County and Molokai is most easily visited by air transport. Of the three islands that make up Maui County, Molokai stands out as having the closest link to old Hawaii. This cultural heritage can best be understood when enjoying one of our Molokai tours.

In many ways, landing on Molokai today is similar to arriving on Maui 25 or 30 years ago. The sleepy town of Kaunakakai, the uncrowded roadways, the country homes, the fishermen casting their nets, the pidgin English, the roadside churches of an era past, the community baseball games and canoe races, the small-town feeling where everyone knows everyone else - all contribute to a heartwarming, if not nostalgic, experience.

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Fly to the Molokai Airport and Rent A Car for the day.

You can spend the day exploring at your own pace, visiting beautiful beaches, rainforests, picturesque shoreline, and historical sites. You might want to pick up a picnic lunch in town and enjoy it at a shoreline park or overlook. The day is yours and you can do whatever strikes your fancy.

Take one of our guided topside Molokai Tours or Kalaupapa Tours down to the peninsula.

On the 'topside' Molokai Tour you'll be guided around the island of Molokai by a local who has probably spent a lifetime on Molokai. The things you will learn, the places you'll see, and the hospitality and local color provided by the driver make this a great choice for anyone who really wants to get acquainted with Molokai.

This is the quickest way to understand the essence of Molokai, also known as the "Friendly Isle".

Father Damien of Molokai.

  • Tour Kalaupapa Peninsula, the site of Father Damien's leper colony. On the northern coastline of Molokai, sheer cliffs descend 2,000 feet to the lovely and isolated peninsula that served as home to Hawaii's leper colony last century. Even though "Hansen's Disease" has been arrested in modern times, this is still the home of the few remaining patients.
  • Kalaupapa Tours are given intermittently through the week. The narrative is so informative, so touching and so steeped in the dramatic history of the era, we guarantee you will be moved by the experience.
  • The best way to visit the peninsula is by airplane on one of our special Kalaupapa tours. Few adventures in Hawaii are as unusual as this experience at Kalaupapa.
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Mokulele Airlines

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9 passenger, Cessna C208 Caravan

In Hawaiian the word Moku means Island and Lele means to leap or hop. Mokulele is now proud to be offering air tours to view active volcano sightseeing air tours from Kapalua, Maui to the Big Island of Hawaii. Departing from Kapalua Airport in a 9 passenger, Cessna C208 Caravan you get an aerial view of Maui, Hawaii and Volcanoes National Park.
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Makani Kai Air Charters

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Reserve a trip with Makani Kai Air Charters

Makani Kai Air Charters provides air transportation to Molokai from Oahu and Maui. It leaves conveniently from both Kahului or Kapalua airports on Maui and from it's own heliport near Honolulu International Airport. The Turboprop Cessna Grand Caravan and the twin engine Piper Chieftain aircrafts can accommodate up to 9 passengers. Private air tours can also be booked.
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Molokai Outdoors

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Adventures on island, all over Molokai

Experience an adventure on Molokai. Land and Kayak tours highlighting beautiful parts of the island. Far from any crowds delight in old Hawaii.
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