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Maui Theater And Shows

Maui has some great evening shows.

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Maui Theater And Shows

Maui shows are "unexpectedly" good and Maui theater productions are "far and above" what you might expect.

For years entertainment on Maui in the evenings was limited to Luaus or Dinner Cruises.

This is not the case today as Maui has some world class theatrical presentations and shows that rival those of many of the artistic and sophisticated cities on the mainland.

In fact, we always try to remember to remind visitors to make sure they keep a few evenings free during their vacations to make sure they have room on their schedule for one or two of these special Maui theater presentations in addition to their Luau.

There is an 'ebb and flow' of shows that occur in this category. They often include an amazing 'magic show' as well as other theater productions. Because of the nature of the shows they often come and go with regularity. Listed below are the entertainment productions that are currently available on the island at this point in time.

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Theater and Show performances on Maui will not pick up at the cruise boat pier but these great shows can be reached via a Rent-A-Car that can be arranged through Tom Barefoot's Tours and you can be picked up by the Rent-A-Car shuttles right at the cruise ship dock. These Maui Theater and Shows are often available on the Sunday afternoon and evening of your Maui cruise itinerary.

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Warren & Annabelle's

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Theater and Shows on Maui

One of the most successful productions ever to be put together in Hawaii is the magic show called Warren & Annabelle's located on Front Street in Lahaina. The owner, founder, and showman extraordinaire of this remarkably fun evening brimming with entertainment is Warren Gibson. Warren has been involved in magic shows of one kind or another for his whole life.
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Video Transcript

This video segment is about theater and shows on Maui.

For years and years and years, the only thing that we had that was in the evenings for entertainment was Lu'aus and, of course, we still do. That's a big deal. You definitely should be doing a lu'au at least once during the time that you're here. But we really didn't have anything else for the longest time.

Then we had a mini explosion of some unbelievably, incredible nighttime shows that are of the quality that you would not expect on Maui and they have lasted to this day. Some just amazing performances in a couple of different venues. They change, as we go, over time. I don't know when you might be tuning into this video at some point, and maybe some shows are not going to be here and others are going to be taking their place, but at this particular point in time, we have some shows that have been in operation for well over a decade, in most cases, that are likely to be here for a really long time. I'm actually going to mention some of them by name.

One of them is a theater show in Lahaina. It's called 'Ulalena. This is a photo from that. This is a 90-minute presentation that happens in a special theater right in Lahaina Town that was built at the expense of $9.5 million to create this venue for a singular performance. One musical performance that's played over and over and over again and it was designed for this. The music was written and everything was choreographed to fit in with the stage, and so on, that was built at the same time.

This has lasted now into many, many years and has really become the highlight of many people's evening activities when they come here. It is the kind of thing you can see over and over again. It is absolutely beautiful. It's kind of loosely based on the unique customs and traditions of Hawaii and kind of goes through a history of Hawaii. You really have to see it to understand, but it has a live orchestra that is off to the side and things happen on the stage and they actually happen as the performers come through the audience. This is guaranteed you will be floored when you see this. You'll think this is something that you would think may happen in the evening, in a performance somewhere in Vienna or something, not on Maui. You would not expect it but it really is of that quality and the venue that they have is really beautiful, too. That's something you might want to consider doing while you're here.

We also have a couple of magic shows that happen here. One, is up in the Kaanapali area and it deals with kind of a more traditional magic, where you make people disappear and cut women in half and all that kind of thing. Really done well and excellent, particularly, for children.

Another one is just I would never have believed it to begin with when I first heard that it was going to be coming here because it's a show that deals with magic, but it's parlor magic. A lot of stuff with cards and that sort of thing. It's a really small venue but really beautifully done. It is called Warren and Annabelle's. People come to this and come back to it again and again. This one is not for children. In fact, because they serve drinks there, you can't get in until drinking age. It is just an incredible performance.

You start off in this kind one kind of a room, a bar. It's like a speakeasy, I guess, and you can have drinks there, if you'd like, and hors d'oeuvres, and just kind of get yourself warmed up for the show. Then the show time will be ready and you walk in and there's a small, little, kind of tiny, little amphitheater and everyone is close enough, they can see everything. Warren, or one of the magicians that he has personally hired, will be up there performing these tricks. You won't be able to believe any of them or believe that they are happening. You won't be able to figure out how any of them are done. They're just so professionally ... They're just beyond beyond. Warren and these guys, in general, are really funny, too. I could say everybody that leaves the Warren and Annabelle show comes out in a fantastic mood and most people, when they come back, will go and see it again. It is really, really, really good.

The other thing that we have going on, just amazing that we have this quality of shows that are happening, but it's called Burn'n Love and it's an Elvis impersonator. His name is Darren Lee and he is ridiculously good. I mean, people ... Everybody that goes to see it, they just can't stop moving. They are just totally with it the entire time. When they come out, that is all they can talk about. Just in the time that he's been on Maui, he has really developed such a following that ... He is just so well known.

These are things that you would think, you know, that this isn't particularly Hawaiian, although Elvis was in Hawaii for a number of his shows that he did here. The same thing with Warren and Annabelle's. It's kind of like it doesn't seem like a particularly Hawaiian thing, that you would think, well, maybe more Hawaiian things would work, but they sure do and people love it. It's something we could do at night now.

Plan a few nights that you've got to get out on the town and do some of this stuff because it is really, really cool. I promise you will love it. If you have any questions about Tours or Activities in Hawaii, just give us a call or check out TomBarefoot.com. We are here to help.

The amount of theatrical productions and evening shows that can be found in the state of Hawaii is surprising to most of the states visitors. Contrary to popular belief there are actually some very nice entertainment venues and productions found throughout the islands.

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Oahu is the home of many of the most famous theaters and shows including the Cirque Hawaii, Magic of Polynesia, and Society of Seven.

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