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Maui Parasail

Maui Parasail flights are an extremely popular activity on Maui during the summer months. Parasail season runs from May 16th to December 14. Because - parasailing Maui - flights are not permitted in the winter months during our whale season, it has always been that our summer parasail season is packed. This is very good news in a sense because the Maui Parasail season parallels with the summer school vacation season and children flock to parasails like magnets. The parasailing Maui departures happen daily on the hour during this period and it is generally a good idea to make bookings early. Also, mornings are usually the best time to fly as the trade winds can often become too blustery in the afternoon hours. All of these Maui parasail flights depart from either Lahaina or Kaanapali in West Maui so you might want to plan your days accordingly.

Parasailing Maui - flights are a popular activity.

People love it ! Maybe it's the exhilaration of take-off, or the view from so high, or just the sense of soaring through the air and the age-old fantasy of flight. The Maui parasail experience is always exciting no matter how many times you do it. There's a certain stillness way up there where you can't hear the sound of the boat below. All you feel is the rush of the warm Hawaiian air against your skin. It's peaceful up there. Real quiet. And the view...

Maui Parasailing flights depart from the West Side of Maui.

All of our Maui parasailing flights leave from the Lahaina and Kaanapali side of Maui.

The view of the Lahaina Roadstead, the harbor and the boats at anchor, the West Maui Mountains, the clouds above and the ocean below.....well, it's absolutely stunning.

  • For excitement, choose the Maui parasail version of "touch and go." On the way down, instead of just reeling you onto the boat they let you linger awhile above the ocean surface - just before they dunk you. Wet, wild, and screaming at the top of your lungs, you emerge, no worse off for the refreshing plunge.
  • Too exciting for you? Let the captain know before you go up and you'll have a dry return to your parasailing boat.
  • You can ride your Maui parasail all by yourself, or go up on the same parasail with a friend.
  • Most Maui parasail rides use a harness, leaving your legs free to dangle. People take a while to decide what to do with their hands. At first hands are clenched to anything they can grab but after a few minutes they realize it makes absolutely no difference whether they're holding on or not and they begin to relax and appreciate the whole experience.

How long are parasail flights and how high do you go?

  • Maui parasail flights vary between 9 and 12 minutes in length and fly at a height of between 25 and 50 stories high.
  • The height you fly at may depend upon the wind and weather conditions at the time and on the weight of the individual parasail rider.

Some considerations regarding Maui parasailing tours.

  • June and July are the biggest months for parasailing and the Lahaina skyline is always filled with the graceful movement of the colorful chutes in flight. It's wise to book early because flight times can book up early.
  • The "Early-Bird Flight" is the first parasail flight of the day, usually at a discount parasail rate. Most parasail companies offer them but they can book up a week in advance.
  • There is no reduced rate for children.
  • Passengers or "observers" who want to go out on the boat only, can ride for a discount parasail rate.
  • Sunscreen is a must if you have a midday flight. You can be out on the water for more than an hour and there are usually few shaded areas on the boats.

Pride of America Cruise Ship:

Parasailing Maui tour companies will not pick up at the cruise boat pier but these parasail tours on Maui can be reached via a Rent-A-Car that can be arranged through Tom Barefoot's Tours and you can be picked up by the Rent-A-Car shuttles right at the cruise ship dock. The majority of these parasailing excursions are available on the Sunday or Monday (mid April to mid December)of your Maui cruise itinerary.. 

Checkout Tom's Tips and Insights about Maui Parasailing Rides

Tom Barefoot's Tips
  • Tom's Tips - Maui Parasailing

    Parasailing on Maui is only done on the West Side of the island either out of Lahaina Harbor or directly off of the beach in Kaanapali. These tours are seasonal and coincide with the departure of the Humpback Whales from the Maui waters. The waters surrounding Maui are a protected marine sanctuary in the winter months when the whales come to visit and consequently it is not permitted to have the parasail boats operate between mid December and mid May. It is believed that the swift nature of these boats may provide the possibility for collisions with the whales... read more.

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UFO Parasail

3 Activity Options

Parasail, Custom Speed Boats

UFO Parasail offers exciting parasail flights on both Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii. Maui tours only operate between May and early December when the whales are not visiting these waters but the Big Island is in operation year round. You will have an opportunity to fly on a parasail pulled by 800' or 1200' of line and will be in the air either 8 to 10, or 10 to 12 minutes.
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West Maui Parasail

10 Activity Options

Maui Parasail Tours

Take a Parasail flight off the Lahaina or Kaanapali coastline with West Maui Parasail. The Parasail canopy lifts you from four hundred, eight hundred, up to twelve hundred feet into the air while being pulled by a specially designed Parasail boat. Your harness type Parasail ride will last approximately eight to ten minutes. A custom designed hydraulic launch and recovery system both launches and returns you directly to the flight deck, assuring passengers both comfort and safety. Single harness and the tandem bar (double harness) rides are offered.
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Video Transcript

Well, this video segment is about parasailing on Maui.

Parasailing is a big event actually in all of Hawaii. The three main islands that we have that you can do this on are Maui, Oahu, and the Big Island. We don't do it on Kauai but it's very popular. Maui is the only island that we actually have restrictions upon the time of year you can go. When the whales are here, which are basically from December 15 to May 15, we do not have parasailing. We don't wanna interfere with the lives of the whales out there, with boats zooming around and so on. This is, on Maui, primarily a summer and fall activity and it really fills up. In the summertime, we've got these parasails going one after another, after another, from eight or seven in the morning all the way till five. From dawn to dusk continually, every hour, every hour, every hour we're going out.

Where we leave from, there's two locations. They're both on the west side where we've got the better conditions on the water, flatter. They're both out of the west side, either out of Lahaina or out of Kaanapali. These are beautiful places to go to because of the views that you see of the Lahaina Roadstead and back looking on Lahaina, looking on Kaanapali, the West Maui Mountains are very beautiful. Not to mention the fact that you're kind of operating in a little pod of islands. From your parasailing flight, you're looking back on Maui but you can also see Kahoolawe, Lahaina, and Molokai. It's a thrilling place to do these.

The way these work is that you're gonna either meet at the dock or meet on the beach, and you're going to then get in a boat. The boat is a ... Envision a speed boat 'cause these boats go very, very fast. You're gonna be taking probably no more than, maybe, eight people or so. It'll vary a little bit on a particular trip. You'll be going out for essentially an hour on the boat. Once you kind of get off the coast and get ready, they'll have each person do their parasailing. Now, you can do a parasailing by yourself, like this is a single right here. But we have also, double harnesses where you can go with a friend. That makes it all the more fun, I think, too. In fact, we even have some that will even take three but all the weights have to be correct for that.

So if you had two people, say, and they're gonna go up, they'd go up. The time varies that you're up, maybe 7 to 12 minutes. There's varying times, and also the height is gonna be different. You may go 800 feet up, or actually, have a towline that's 800 feet or a towline that's 1,200 feet, maybe something like that. They're usually at about a 45-degree angle as you're being pulled and consequently, you're not quite up 1,200 feet but maybe half that. You're definitely pretty high, especially when you're cruising along Kaanapali Beach. You can see that you're higher than the hotels. The views from there are spectacular. In any event, maybe a party of two goes and then they come back, and then a party of one or another party of two and you just ... Whoever's on the boat takes their turn and then when everybody's had their turn, they go back to shore and that's the event.

As far as how it works on the boat itself, the way we do it nowadays is with a winch system where there's a winch on the back of the boat that reels you out. You start on a platform on the back of the boat. You're all secured, you're in your harness. And then the boat is going full-speed, and you're just being released. As you're released, you just keep going higher and higher and higher. You enjoy your trip and then at some point, then they reel you back down and you just gently land back on the platform. This is a huge step-up from what we used to do in the pioneering stages of this decades ago where there was actually a platform that was set-up in the ocean. That's where you would be leaving from. There would be a boat that would be stationary. The line would come up to the platform and be attached to whoever was going to be going up.

There'd be this series of hand signals between whoever was helping you on the platform and the person that was driving the boat. You were instructed to kind of hold back as you felt the pressure of the rope tightening, and then kinda try to run upstairs like there were actually stairs to run up as you're being pulled, and then you'd be kinda jerked up into the air, which worked most of the time. Some of the time, you were actually, myself included, where it didn't quite work and you're just pulled right off into the water and dragged for 50 feet or so before they realize you didn't take any air. So that doesn't happen anymore. Then landing was another whole story where they'd bring you all the back and then the captains had to be quite skillful. They'd actually drop you down onto that platform where you'd have these eager hands of the crew that are trying to capture you as you're somewhere near the platform and then bring you in and then unhook you and so on.

Luckily, those days are passed. It's a lot easier to get up nowadays, for sure, and to do this. As far as ages, we can actually take really kinda young children on these, with an adult present but we can take the little ones. It often is a little scary for them or they're just really, really happy with it. But you can make the decision as to what you wanna do. There often is a weight issue that happens on these and this will vary throughout the day, as we get winds and so on that come in. The adjustment will vary but usually if it's one person, you've gotta be somewhere around maybe 130 pounds or something to go up on your own. Usually two people is plenty of weight, you just can't be too light where you kinda fly or float off into space. But they'll work all that out for you beforehand.

You usually have the option of going by yourself or going in-tandem, and you can make your decisions on that. You can go in-tandem with a friend that you brought with you or you can make a friend and go up tandem with them on that, so there's different ways to do it. Anyway, it's definitely a joyful experience, lots of fun. Kids love to do it. Adults love to do it. It's a short day. You're only out on the boat, basically an hour so you can plan lots of other things to do. But it's a fun, particularly on Maui, summertime activity. So if you have any questions about Tours or Activities in Hawaii, just give us a call or check out tombarefoot.com. We're here to help.

Hawaii parasailing is thrilling, exciting and fun! Parasailing in Hawaii has an appeal that transcends age as it is a favorite of youngsters and surprisingly is an activity that is also enjoyed by senior citizens as well.

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Fly higher than the hotels on Waikiki Beach. What a view! What a thrill.

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The calm waters off the Kona Coast make the perfect spot to take a parasail ride.

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