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Maui Golf Courses

Maui Golf Courses are some of the best to be found in the world.

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Maui Golf Courses

Golfing on Maui has long been a favorite activity for everyday Maui visitors.  The same could be said for golf pros as well, as many important PGA tournaments have been held on the Valley Isle.  The Kapalua Plantation Course has often over the years served as the official 'kick-off' point for the golf season and that of course is because Maui is one of the few places that will have great weather in early January.  In fact, golfing during the winter months is a reason many Maui visitors find their way to the island at that time of year to begin with.  
We have done our best to provide a full selection of great Maui golf courses for you to choose from on the following pages.  It is best to work your golf plans into your weekly tour itinerary right along side of your other activities so you won't miss out on the chance to enjoy some great golf on your Maui vacation.  

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Kapalua Golf Course

2 Activity Options

Reserve a tee time at the Kapalua Golf Course

The Kapalua Golf Courses are known by many to be some of the best golf courses that can be found anywhere in the state of Hawaii. They are challenging for most because of the hard breaking greens and strong coastal winds. The views from this course are magnificent, offering vistas of the neighbor islands of Lanai, Molokai and the rough Pailolo Channel.
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Maui Nui Golf Club

1 Activity Option

Located in South Maui

Maui nui Golf Club, located in Kihei, combines fairness with challenge and is suitable for any player or skill-level. Attributes include an inviting opening hole, reachable holes facing each cardinal point of the compass, exceptional views of the Pacific, Auau channel, Mt. Haleakala, Molokini, and the West Maui mountains, and the prevailing trade winds test the golfer and reward smart play.
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Kahili Golf Course

1 Activity Option

Reserve a T-time at the Kahili Golf Course

The Kahili Golf Course is located in the central valley of Maui in the town of Waikapu. The course is suitable for beginner or advanced golfers but all participants must be at least 18 years of age or older. Please remember to wear proper golf attire and soft spike shoes when playing at the Kahili Golf Course.
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Ka'anapali Golf Course

2 Activity Options

Reserve a round of golf at the Ka'anapali Golf Course.

The Ka'anapali Golf Courses are located right next to the beach resort communities of Kaanapali and Lahaina. Known for their green's strong break towards the ocean these courses are great for intermediate golfers, or for advanced golfers that are looking to get a feel for Maui's challenging green's and breezes.
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Pukalani Country Club

1 Activity Option

Reserve Tee Times at Pukalani Country Club.

The Pukalani Country Club located at the 1,100 foot elevation level on the slopes of Haleakala in Upcountry Maui has wide and hilly fairways, fast and sloped greens and hills. The course's elevation provides incredible bi-coastal views.
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Wailea Golf Club

3 Activity Options

Reserve a Tee Time at the Wailea Golf Course.

The Wailea Golf Club is located in the South Maui resort community of Wailea. There are three unique courses and if you're a fan of golfing and have the time play all three! Course has amazing sights of South Maui and carpet like fairways.
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Hawaii is one of the premier golfing destinations on the planet. Once you've experienced a round or two of Hawaiian Golfing you will undoubtedly understand why.

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Golfing on Kauai is an amazing experience.  Not only are many of the courses here 'world class' in terms on architecture and design, but the beautiful locations they find themselves in would be worth going to just for the views, even if you didn't play golf.

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You know you are playing golf in an amazing place when the municipal course is far superior to any course you play on back home.

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When was the last time you played golf on a meticulously manicured golf course in the middle of an ancient lava flow?

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