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Kauai Pearl Harbor Tours

Are you staying on the island of Kauai but would like to visit Pearl Harbor?

Tom Barefoot's Tours can make it happen with our one day tours to Pearl Harbor that depart from the island of Kauai.

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Aloha Sunshine Tours

5 Activity Options

Oahu Circle Isle, Polynesian Cultural Center or WWII Begin to End, Hana Tour, Volcano Tour,

If you are staying on one Hawaiian Island but would like to visit the highlights of another island in the chain then the one-day inter-island flights and tours offered by Aloha Sunshine Tours are just what you're looking for. These inclusive tours simplify your itinerary and make your touring experience 'care free'.
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Polynesian Adventure Tours

1 Activity Option

Experience the tropical beauty of the Hana Coast and visit O'heo Stream. Polynesian Adventure Tours,

One of the very largest sightseeing tour companies in all of Hawaii is Polynesian Adventure Tours. They operate a large variety of tours on all the islands as well as offer 'same day' interisland tours from your island of origin to the other islands allowing you to see an outer island without having to relocate and move to another hotel there. They operate the finest vans, mini-motor coaches and luxurious full size motor coaches with deluxe, large 'see out windows' for the very best views.
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Royal Hawaiian Limousine & Tours

3 Activity Options

Royal Hawaiian Limousine & Tours

Experience 5-star luxury cheauffer driven service in ultra luxury vehicles to USS Pearl Harbor Tours and other Oahu Highlight Sightseeing Tours. Private Tours and Shared vehicle Day tours available.
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Video Transcript

One of the most requested tours we have always had from people who are staying on islands other than Oahu, Maui, Big Island, Kauai are day trips or questions about day trips that go over to Pearl Harbor to see the Arizona Memorial, the Battleship Missouri, the Submarine Bowfin and the Pacific Aviation Museum.

This has been continuous throughout the course of time we've been operating tours. We can provide one-day tours from the outer islands to go to Honolulu and to go to Pearl Harbor and these are really nice in the sense that you can see this but you don't have to actually spend your time actually moving a hotel, getting a Rent-A-Car and going to Oahu specifically for the purpose of seeing Pearl Harbor. So we have one-day trips that'll take you from the outer islands and take you directly over here.

Now the majority of these are taken in packages that include a regularly-scheduled airline as well as pickup at the Honolulu Airport and then they take you to Pearl Harbor to see this. Some of the tours also do side trips into Honolulu downtown, see the historic areas there. Some go up the coast, up to the North Shore where the big waves are, or even to see the Polynesian Cultural Center. So there's a number of variations you can get on this theme but the heart of it all has to do with going to Pearl Harbor and seeing that.

So these can be arranged on a one-day tour and this is something we can put together for you fairly easily. They're a little bit different in some ways than almost any other tour that we have and we have to be really specific on these in terms of with all the added additional security that we've had in recent years, we need to know your exact names, I mean exact, the correct spelling and how it looks on your Driver's License or your identification card. We need to know your date of birth and a few things like that. The other thing that is a little bit unusual about it is that we require full payment for it but it is non-refundable. The tour companies that run these do not ... once it is booked, they'll not issue a refund. So you just need to understand that to begin with.

These are actually a good value and they really save you a lot of time and energy and get you to the place you want to be, but you need to know that this is what you want at the time you book it just so there's no confusion on it later. So with that caveat behind us, these are one of the tours that everybody wants and we can certainly arrange this and would be delighted to put this together for you while you're here visiting the outer islands.

So if you have any questions about Tours or Activities in Hawaii, just give us a call or check out tombarefoot.com. We're here to help.

One of the most visited locations in the state of Hawaii is the Pearl Harbor Memorial. Tom Barefoot's Tours can provide you with your Pearl Harbor tickets.

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There is only one Pearl Harbor but we have lots of tours to take you there.

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Visit Pearl Harbor from Maui on a one-day tour.

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Did you know that you could take a 1-day tour to Pearl Harbor from the Big Island?

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