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Kauai Fishing Charters

Our complement of Kauai Fishing Charters offer you the best options for fishing on the island of Kauai. Fishing in Kauai water is exciting and fun. Learn about the types of fish we catch here, the harbors we depart from, what sport fishing and bass fishing charters are available, why Kauai's underwater topography provides some excellent fishing grounds and which months of the year bring the best results.

Kauai fishing charters provide a great service for fishing enthusiasts as evidenced by their 'catch rate' over the years.  Fishing here is considered by many of the fishing charter boat captains on Kauai to be some of the best to be found in the islands.  Unlikely as it may sound, you can also do freshwater bass fishing on Kauai.

Kauai Fishing is in large part determined by the underwater topography of the island. 

  • Kauai sits by itself on the northern extremes of the Hawaiian Islands and not only is it surrounded by water in all directions but it is surrounded by deep water.
  • The big game fish pursued by fishing charters often come from these deep waters and the water off Kauai gets surprisingly deep very close to the shoreline.
  • In the area off the coast of Port Allen for instance, which is a popular departure point for  charters, the sea bottom will drop off 1000' in a matter of just one-quarter mile off shore, then drop again to 3000' within a mile off shore and then to 6000' just three miles off shore.
  • This brings the possibility of finding the very largest fish within minutes of your Kauai sport fishing departure. Kauai's remoteness, and being the first major island to be found over thousands of miles of ocean in the North and West Pacific basin, coupled with the fact that it is surrounded by extremely deep waters on all sides makes it somewhat of a magnet for deep sea and big game sport fish. 

Kauai Fishing Charters will provide opportunities to catch the following types of fish:

  • Pacific Blue Marlin  (best luck in Fall months)
  • Skip Jack and Yellow Fin Tuna  (best luck in Summer months)
  • Mahi Mahi
  • Ono

Harbor departure points:

  • Nawiliwili Small Boat Harbor
  • Port Allen Small Boat Harbor

Kauai Bass Fishing (yes you read that right....fresh water bass fishing)

Bass fishing is available on Kauai in an interior lake on the Poipu side of the island.  Unique in Hawaii this fresh water fishing is an unexpected way to enjoy fishing on the island.  This 'catch and release' fishing takes you out in search of the Tilapia, Big Mouth Bass and Peacock Bass.

Pride of America Cruise Ship:

Fishing Charters do not pick up clients at the cruise ship. Dependent upon the specific sport fishing boat chosen, ship passengers can either walk to the boat from the dock, arrange for a taxi to take them to the departure point from the ship's dock or Tom Barefoot's Tours can make arrangements for you to have a Rental Car shuttle pick you up at the dock. Depending upon the specific time guidelines regarding the various tours listed below these Kauai sport fishing tours can be arranged for the Friday on your cruise ship schedule. Please book well in advance to assure availability.

Checkout Tom's Tips and Insights about Kauai Fishing Charters

Tom Barefoot's Tips
  • Tom's Tips - Kauai Fishing Charters

    Fishing can be excellent on Kauai, but of all the islands this is the one where we have less charters to choose from. This often causes problems in scheduling and it is difficult sometimes to arrange for charters on the days clients would like to go, or for that matter, even get them on at all. Please give us a bit of a lead time so you won't be disappointed.

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Koloa Bass Fishing

1 Activity Option

Fishing Boats, Peacock Bass Fishing

Koloa Bass Fishing is a great activity for the whole family to experience and enjoy on the Waita Reservoir, where you have the opportunity to go fresh water fishing, with catch and release style, for Tilapia, Big Mouth Bass and Peacock Bass (akaTucunare). Available are a Guide Driven Two Passenger Bass Fishing Boat or Six Passenger Pontoon Style Fishing Boat and Fishing Gear. By request there is a Guest Driven Electric Boat that seats two people.
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Deep Sea Fishing Kauai

4 Activity Options

31' Bertram Sportfisher

Deep Sea Fishing Kauai is a boat that departs from Port Allen on Kauai's western coastline. Port Allen is one of the most efficient ports to leave from in Hawaii due to the fact that the drop-off to the deep water is so rapid in such a short distance from shore. This enables Deep Sea Fishing Kauai to begin fishing for the big fish in earnest within minutes of actually leaving the harbor.
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Lahela Ocean Adventures

2 Activity Options

34' Sportfisher, 33' Bertram interior seating is for 5

The 34' Radon Sport Fisher 'Lahela' is the boat used by Lahela Ocean Adventures. The boat is certified for as many as 12 passengers and is ideal for both sport or bottom fishing. The primary asset of this vessel is its extremely experienced crew and each of the three captains who man the boat have put in years trolling the waters surrounding Kauai.
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Kauai Nature School

2 Activity Options

Enjoy Educational Hiking and Shore Fishing Tours with Kauai Nature School

Kauai Nature School is an island wilderness educator providing quality education and adventure programs.
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Video Transcript

Well, this is going to be a little discussion about fishing on the island of Kauai.

All the islands of Hawaii deal with fishing. Fish are everywhere. We've got sport fishing everywhere you go. Some islands better than others, some islands different than others in terms of how they're caught, where they're caught, and how much are caught. Probably the single best of all the islands in terms of sport fishing would be considered to be the big island, but that does not make Kauai problematic with regard to fishing. We've got a lot of fishing boats that go out and do a lot of good fishing, catching a lot of big fish here on the island.

What fish do they catch and when do they catch it? Probably the best season for the big fish, the marlin, The Pacific Blue and so on, is going to be the summertime. Hopefully you could catch something like a thousand-pounder. Who knows what it would actually be, but these are the fish that are out there. That's your best opportunity. The Ahi are running then as well. Hundred-pound Ahi are kind of the standard that happens during that period of time. As you go into the fall, falling off somewhat on both of those, but they're still prevalent.

The wintertime, if you would have to pick a time that was the least amount of fish, that would be the one. Keep in mind, you don't want to not go out there because the old adage goes that the worst day of sport fishing is still better than the best day at the office. You're going to have a great time out there sport fishing, just not as much poundage, not as much frequency of fish at that time. Going into the spring, we're getting into mahi season, more and more as we go into summer, and then the cycle reverses itself.

Where do we actually do the fishing? Well, the fish are surrounding the entire island. That's a fact, but the areas that we go out of are Nawiliwili Harbor and Port Allen, primarily. There are a couple little spots up here in the North Shore that happen, but these are the two main areas that you'll go out of. Kauai also has the distinction of, especially right off the coastline, you've got some serious drop-offs, which brings in the big fish. It gets very deep very quickly, and it's also extremely picturesque. Some of the tours we have will take you around this way, up towards the Napali Coast. That is a treat regardless of if you're fishing or however you're going to get up there to see it. It's amazing. Depending up on the fishing conditions, you can talk to your captain. Quite often you can discuss where the fish are and where you want to go. That would be a great place to go in addition to catching the fish, to be able to see the Napali Coastline.

The charters come, as they do throughout the other islands, primarily in half-days, three-quarters and full days. A half-day would be four hours, six for a three-quarter day, and eight hours for a full-day charter. Generally speaking, the longer you're out there, the more likely you are to bring back fish. You want to keep that in mind. Also, the charters come in privates and in share boats. A private's where you take the entire boat, so if it's two people, two guys out there and they want to take it, or one person, they could have the entire boat for eight hours or six hours and pay for that. That'll be more expensive than if you have a share boat. Most of these boats will carry six people. You'll be able to take two or you, or one of you, could go out on a share with a few other guys or women, and enjoy a day out on the water. It's going to be less expensive to do it that way. Also a little harder to get on, sometimes.

Generally what the fishing boats look for is a minimum of four people, so if you got a couple and there's nobody else scheduled, may have to wait for somebody else to sign up before you can go out. Unless you just want to pay the extra bucks and go for the private, and then you're guaranteed to go out. Having a private is nice because the boat goes where you want it to go. You usually talk things over with the captain and make a decision what your plan's going to be, and then just go out and enjoy your day.

As far as keeping the catch, generally smaller fish you get to keep. If they get a little bit larger, this is part of how the captain and crew, the small private enterprises, actually make money is by selling the fish. Generally what they'll do is they'll give you a slice, a filet, of whatever they've got going for as much as you need to take back to the condo and cook up and enjoy that evening. The rest of it they're going to take and bring to market, and that's part of how they make money. If you like sport fishing, you'll enjoy it on Kauai.

If you have any questions about Tours or Activities in Hawaii, just give us a call or checkout tombarefoot.com. We're here to help.

Hawaii fishing is perhaps the single most important category of tours available on the Big Island of Hawaii and the Big Island of Hawaii is certainly the spot on the islands where you will find the best Hawaii fishing.

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Fishing Charters off Honolulu travel long distances in many directions to catch the 'big' fish.

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With many great fishing areas between the islands of Maui County, sport fishing is a big industry here!

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Hands down. The Big Island is the single best place in Hawaii for Sport Fishing!

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